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"Bergeron supplies his vocals with a very bizarre and unheard 'background' of electro-acoustic sounds and music. Background into brackets, because he opens new dimensions with his curiously assembled music. Brilliantly done. He uses many different soundsamples for this music. Often you recognize concrete instruments, other elements are from electronic origin or recordings treated beyond recognition. I,m totally impressed by the carpet he weaves in with plunderphonic approach. Very original collage work, producing in an highly imaginative music that is totally fascinating. I would qualify his compositions as songs in the end. And for some reason I associate them with the world of opera and musical. The eccentric Bergeron creates energetic and dramatic music and textures, little psycho-dramas. He sings in french most of time, sometimes a mixture of french and english. I couldn't make much of it, but the texts are an important element for Bergeron [...] it is impossible not to be impressed by this often hilarious music, that is compelling and very listenable. Bergeron is a true original talent, of a kind that is seldomly met. Watch this guy! (Dolf Mulder)." - Vital Weekly

A melodic chaos. Spastic, sporadic, Bergeron's bilingual poetic soundscapes reflect the impermanence and frenetic pace of our society. Categorically musique actuelle. (NY) - Pop Montréal

"No matter how versed you are in experimental music, you have never heard anything quite like Vincent Bergeron's Casse-Tête de l'Existence (Puzzle of Existence). Imagine, if you will, plunderphonics coupled with progressive rock, and sample deconstruction and sound collage used as techniques to assemble hiccupping operas [...] the result sounds a lot like a bloodbath at a prog rock convention -- or the digital bastard child of Peter Gabriel-era Genesis and Fantômas. [...] If the basic material tends to give a unique orientation to each piece, it seems there is no limit to what Bergeron can make his samples do. Profoundly disturbing but ceaselessly fascinating, Casse-Tête de l'Existence is oddness to the umpteenth degree. Obviously, the world is not ready for this."
François Couture [All Music Guide] - All Music Guide


Audiomachie / Logomachie
(Vincent vit et sent comme un berger rond, #VVSBR05)
(2009) SOCAN protected

1) Audiomachie (6:21)
2) Une ombre vacille en serpentin virevoltant (6:58)
3) Bruissement de griserie (9:55)
4) Propensity to go forward (7:36)
5) Drawing of a Back with a Mouth (4:24)
6) Second Life (3:50)

Le savant devait arriver avant songeur
(Vincent vit et sent comme un berger rond, #VVSBR04)
(2007-08) SOCAN protected

1) RUBBER sur la voie gauche (4:10)
2) A DOS d'un croque-mort (7:30)
3) Inside Out like a Chick (4:49)
4) Aux limites (4:55)
5) La faim (5:56)
6) Le savant devait arriver avant songeur (2:14)
7) Sexy Book Worm (2:53)
8) MA VIE est ICI (4:35)

Philosophie Fantasmagorique
(Vincent vit et sent comme un berger rond, #VVSBR03)
(2006-07) SOCAN protected

1) Philosophie Fantasmagorique (2:11)
2) Je m'imaginais (4:19)
3) Theorie des Supercordes (8:37)
4) Reveil des..Awakening of the... (6:11)
5) Child Traumatismes (6:34)
6) Optimisme Irrational (7:38)
7) Journalisme Corporatif (0:59)
8) Self-Expression (4:30)

L'Art du Desarroi
(Vincent vit et sent comme un berger rond, #VVSBR02)
(2004-06) SOCAN

1) Vincent...Van Gogh (9:20)
2) Machiavelisme Magnifique (6:53)
3) Dave and Drew Banned Art (8:09)
4) L'Art du Desarroi (6:25)
5) Introversion Extravertie (4:11)
6) Nostalgie-Euthanasie (8:12)
7) Epilogue : Why Do I Remain Calm (4:56)


Casse-tete de l'Existence
(Vincent vit et sent comme un berger rond, #VVSBR01)
(2003-04) SOCAN

1) La naissance (5:15)
2) Reve-realite ; histoire d'un clown (7:26)
3) Communication-isolation (11:35)
4) Spiritualite-profanite (8:19)
5) Harmonie-chaos (7:51)
6) Passe-present-futur (8:21)
7) La mort (d'un artiste) (7:37)




Born 21 December 1979. I started to compose electronic music in 1998. In 2003, I knew what I wanted to do. It was like the music I thought I would be hearing in the 2000's instead of linear dubstep and retro electro-rock made with software emulations of 80's synths.