Vincent Denis

Vincent Denis


Eclectic blend of jazz, funk, pop and latin (instrumental).


After being brought up on some tasty 80s instrumental rock (Satriani, Vai), Vincent Denis veered off towards jazz & funk and found his own voice in the extensive use of the tapping technique, which allows him to play bass, chords and melody all at once.
With Jeff Fabb's solid groove foundation, the possibilities for open jams are endless, yet a strong emphasis is always put on song structure, bringing in a more familiar pop sensibility with a Verse/Chorus approach.
In essence, a killer combo: catchy melodies and badass improvisations.


Full length self-produced CD: "Fingerprints in the Air"

Set List

Extended repertoire (more than 20 songs). All original. Pick and choose depending on the mood. Most songs have a very open inherent jam possibiliy, which allows us to stretch the set depending on the vibe.