Hartford, Connecticut, USA
SoloPopAdult Contemporary

Vincent Lloyd shows on the Spirit 2 Heart album that he can deliver a variety of modes of music with equal power and finesse. His voice is sure and heartfelt. He takes you on a journey from romance to finding your calling to partying all in one album. The title says it perfectly, taking you from spirit to heart and back. The instrumentation fits his vocals like a perfect frame. Solid adult contemporary R&B with smooth professionalism and heartfelt emotion all in one package..


Vincent Lloyd is a singer/songwriter of adult contemporary and pop songs. His interest in music developed early as he explored different genre of music as a teenager.

His mother's diverse record collection had a profound influence on his love of singing and later his ability has a songwriter. Vincent is a student of master crooner's like Nat,Frank and Ella, mixed with the classic soul of Motown.

Growing up in beautiful Saint Catherine Jamaica, Vincent favorite pastime of hiking the mountains overlooking the Caribbean Sea would create the perfect setting for a game changing discovery, his ability to write lyrics and melodies.
He sang for hours into his tape recorder,editing and re-editing as he framed a story or worked on a song title.

June Caldwell of Radio Promotion said of Vincent " his voice is easy to love, it is sure and heartfelt .His songs are catchy and pulls you in".

Vincent Lloyd's new CD Spirit to Heart is a compilation of Inspiration and Romance, The title says it perfectly. Vincent's promotional activities take him to local radio and TV stations. Check his website for updates.

Vincent Lloyd has been called the new updated Bill Withers, Fans of such artists as Maxwell, Marvin Gaye and Josh Groban among others will quickly add Vincent Lloyd to their favorites. Hear his music! Feel the passion! Experience the magic!!!!!


Spirit To Heart

Life Is Sweet