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Pop jazzy songs .
Alternative Originals smooth,
Swing. Melodious .


It ‘s Heaven is based on the idea of a "less is more" style and « handsome » arrangements . A debut album that could be listened to as if it were « a Martini on the rocks « or "a stylish journey under a protecting umbrella !
It's as if it suddenly "makes you feel at home" as if it water flows quietly from song to song, with a depth of feeling that makes you feel at ease.
While "Daffodils" is swinging into "Softness", "Stars Above" echoes the heartbeat of "Wistful".

Influenced by the productions of Atlantic ,Blue Note,Columbia ,Motown ,Verve, and everything that swings !

Vincent Scarito in a few lines :
Enjoyed singing songs uring his childhood ...Started playing guitar at 16 years old , performed covers on several occasions ...but later on he started to focus on ..acting ! Went on National Art Drama school and performed in many theatres playing Shakespeare, Ed. Bond ... to name a few , and in feature films... with James Huth,Jean Jacques Annaud,Patrice Leconte, Gérard Corbiau ,Raoul Peck ,Gilles Paquet Brenner ,François Vautier...
But in 1999 the muci microbe surfaced again ! With the brand new guitar he bought , he started something he really never thought of or decided ! : " writing songs "
So here is this jazzy pop album Called : "It' s Heaven "
The song “Rosie” instantly becomes a classic hit in the playlists of the big Belgian radiostations Classic 21, La Première and Radio 1.
The song “Lullaby” is picked easily by radio station RTL France in the program « Nocturnes « by Georges Lang.
But all around the world there were positive reactions on radio stations. For instance:
"4 FM (Emission Smooth Jazz)Dublin / Irlande:
Very sincere and well focused, it will have wide appeal across the pop and smooth jazz genres."
"KCRW Santa Monica / Californie / États-Unis:
pleasant jazz-pop for fans of Norah Jones or Jackie Greene"
"Polskie Radio Lublin, Lublin / Pologne:
One of our prime ministers has once said on a press conference: "yes, yes, yes" - that's what I thought when I first heard this song. More of Vincent , svp."
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Vincent Scarito plays at renowned concert halls:
@AB Club,@Bozar de Bruxelles (he was invited as a special guest by radio station Classic 21) @Music village,@Fêtes de Wallonie in Namur,@Sound music Expo ,@la Maison des Musiques @Francofolies de Spa, @Café Belga in Brussels @ Fnac stores in Brussels ,Ghent, Antwerp,Liège . @ the famous club “Le China” in Paris...
He also plays live at radio station RTL France and Belgium, LIve @radio Campus, @ “50 degrés Nord” the program on Arte tv.

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Written By: Vincent Scarito

While i'm thinking of the good times
I saw u standing on the sun
Remember the good times
Remember the old times
Rays of rain shine on the sun ...

While i'm Xaiting for the sunshine
Adouble rainbow in the sky
Walking on the sunshine
Ripples of my mind
And flows the fragrance of one love

Rolling rolling rolling Rosie
U still smiling on my mind
Roling rolling Rosie
U still smiling on my mind ..

Amazing ...
How the sun left the sky
A set of red orange
Fullfil now my heart
Walking on a the twilight ..
Some secrets of our lives ..
And flows a fragrance on one love ..

The fragrance of your Love

It' s Heaven

Written By: Vincent Scarito

i feel
no more pain inside you
cause i m thinking u ve got it now
how to deal with your life

it's Heaven
cause i m thinking those days r gone
cause i m thinking those days
have gone up... in smoke
and i feel you now
so in peace

It' s Heaven
cause i m thinking those days r gone
cause i m thinking those days
made of you a new man


Written By: Vincent Scarito

When i sing
A song for u
All my heart starts to swing
All of a sudden my troubles r gone
with the wind

All my life , All my love ,For a while
Looks like a fiction , All a sudden Reality is gone with the wind ..

Suddenly i fly fly higher higher
And all my mind ..Flies with the wind

What is life ? What is Love ?
A time to smile to look Above
And for a while just a while ..We go with the wind ...

Memories r memories of our memories , Fragile voices of the heart , Funny stories .. Start to stir like a cool breeze in the sun and ..
Daffodils ...Swing in the wind ..


Launches his first album, “It's Heaven" in April 2008
“1ère Pression à Froid Productions” / Believe Digital France
barcode 5419999101981
Recorded@studios Caraîbes Brussels by Christine Vershorren.

Co-realisation : V. Scarito and C. Vershorren

Musicians are :

on Fender Rhodes & Piano , Jozef Dumoulin on Drums Stephane Galland,on Bass Nicolas Thys, on electric Guitars Gilles Coronado ,Martijn Van Agt, on acoustic Guitars , Martijn Van Agt , V Scarito, on Cello Kathy Adam.


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Set List

4 musicians on stage . 55' playing .

It's Heaven
Stars Above
Could you see
and always a surprise (new songs )