Vince Vaccaro

Vince Vaccaro

 Victoria, British Columbia, CAN

Wether its plugged in, backed by a rock n' roll band- or solo on a stage with only an acoustic guitar, Vince Vaccaro's song are honest and heartfelt. Landing somewhere in between many genres, Vince's sound has its own signature, and is undeniably true to the roots of rock n' roll.


Since the release of his self titled debut album in March of 2009, Victoria BC's Vince Vaccaro has been capturing the ears and hearts of many, with performances at CMW '09, New York's famous Mercury Lounge, JunoFest, The Artist Sanctuary, The Commodore Ballroom, Big Time Out, Rifflandia Festival, and a short tour with Bedouin Soundclash.

Produced by 5440 front man Neil Osborne, the record is backed by a trusted and traditional rock sound in the vein of Tom Petty, Pearl Jam and Ryan Adams.
With a band at the ready, Vince often choses to perform solo, with only a guitar to lean on, exposing the heart of his lyrics and melodies. “Playing live is always a different deal for me. Sometimes I have a band, and sometimes its just me and a guitar- I don't know what I like best, but its so good to have my friends up there with me. The songs are the same either way, I guess its like two separate colors.”

"Forever in Chuck Taylors and a bandana, Vaccaro builds new-school classic rock". His ballads, in particular, feature "soaring, heartfelt moments that are as much Snow Patrol as they are Journey. Sounds pretty irresistible, right? Well, it is". - MTV Buzzworhty

His latest single to hit the air waves on the West Coast is a sure fire nostalgic road trippin’ song entitled Costa Rica.

“I love to travel and be everywhere and nowhere all at once- staying in one place and having a routine is hard for me. Costa Rica is about leaving that whole rhythm and getting out and away from everything”

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*New Unreleased song in the Audio Section - Dawson City Anthem


Dawson City Anthem

Written By: Vince Vaccaro

We climbed the mountain high
To find the other side
We watched the red sun die
And listened to the distant cries of the wolves

We lit up a fire
And danced under starlit sky
Look up love, the Northern Lights
You can feel it in the air, this is the wild

And the sun breaks through

Believe it, near and far
We're all just wanderin' stars
The subways are silent, like empty halls
The forests are ready to make the call

And the sun breaks through

Only one love, can carry us home

Costa Rica

Written By: Vince Vaccaro

Well I've grown tired of singing songs
That I don't believe in anymore
And I've grown tired of feeling old
Like I'm looking for summer
But I find the cold... yeah

Well my season's roll by high and low
I don't hold the reigns, I don't have control
And I wish my dice had a different roll
And I wish my path weren't a ragged road

Lets leave to
Me and you babe
Lets go to
Costa Rica

I wanna leave this place
Yeah to never be found
I wanna leave my old life far behind
Can I lose my name
Be someone new
And I'll throw my troubles deep in the wild blue

Lets leave to
Me and you babe
Lets go to
Costa Rica

Lets leave to
Me and you babe
Lets go to
Costa Rica


Vince Vaccaro - EP 2005
Vince Vaccaro - Self Titled 2009
Vince Vaccaro - CostaRica Single- 2010

Set List

1-Catch A Fire
2-Costa Rica
3-Dawson City Anthem
4-End of The Road
5-Last Night (Freedom Town)
6-(Classic Canadian Cover)
7-Little Candle