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Vince Williams


Charmingly potent folk rock


There are some songwriters with an extra dimension. That little something extra can be uncanny vocal phrasing; the ability to connect with listeners, or a soaring, instrument-like quality in the vocal cords. In the case of Vince Williams, it involves all three.

Williams unveiled that multi-dimensional talent with his 2005 independent demo. Recorded at producer Tony Christopher's studio in West Milford, New Jersey, the three-song disc is just a taste of his soon to be released 2007 solo debut titled "A mind in rewind" and promised to be a giant step in a long artistic walk.

The demos title track leads off - a dreamy, five-minute ballad that shows the influence of Pink Floyd in more than name alone. Christopher plays the bass and drum parts, and Williams contributes an acoustic guitar track. A long, Beatlesque fadeout and the vocalist's multi-tracked harmonies echo John Lennon.

Ditto Williams' lyrics on "And I Think of You," in which he sings "Let the critics spit on me; call me Mister Catastrophe." Quite a verse for a song that has been selected as a top 5 country genre finalist in the june edition of the VH1 supported Song of the Year Contest. "It's always nice to prove yourself wrong," laughs Williams. The upbeat self-portrait also features Christopher as the one-man rhythm section and Williams accompanying himself on guitar, plus soaring harmonies - especially on the a cappella ending.

"Would You Like To Spend the Night?" closes the disc by mixing a slow blues cadence with country influences, like the steel guitar of Brooklyn ace Bob Hoffnar (who's performed with disparate musical entities Norah Jones and John Zorn). Christopher contributes electric guitar and drums this time, and Williams plays bass while harmonizing in a style reminiscent of pop-country numbers by the Beatles and Rolling Stones.

"It's a slow drumbeat, but the bass is doing double-time," Williams explains. "That's the kind of laid back feeling I wanted, no pun intended. Also, I love the sound of a steel guitar and Bob Hoffnar did a hell of a job on the track."

A Florida native, Williams moved to New Jersey in 2003. But through his bands as a teenager, and especially netheresque - a group that Williams has continued to gig with off and on since 1999, even recording a 2001 CD called Reflections in-between - the vocalist came of age.

Mixing pop/rock originals like the upbeat "Never Easy (In Love)" and the ballad "Smile," Reflections rainbowed Williams' influences - from Neil Young, Bob Dylan and the Beatles to David Bowie. Netheresque's live shows usually featured its much-requested tour-de-force, a torrid cover of the Lennon/McCartney composition "I Am the Walrus."

Williams now resides in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Where he can be found rocking the area with the Cavalry. Which is made up of Chris Ringwood (bass and vocals), Rab Hanklin (guitar) and Clay Anderson (drums and vocals). "I feel very fortunate to have met these fellas. They're phenominal players and great friends." Williams and the Cavalrys' near-future plans include an East Coast tour in support of "A mind in rewind", Vinces' 2007 debut. As American Idol continues to push toothpaste models singing cover tunes, this artist pursues a lasting musical career by earning it.


Hope in disguise

Written By: Vince Williams

Hope in disguise

I went for a drive
That drove me here
To see if I’m right
Or face my fears
I can no longer hide
Just how I feel inside
May your answer
To my question
Kiss my ears

Did you ever have these feelings
Or was it all in my head
Was it just my hope in disguise

My tongue goes numb
And I loose my speech
Whenever you come
With in my reach
I can no longer hide
Just how I feel inside
May your answer
To my question
Kiss my ears

This time I’ll never leave
By your side I’ll always be
Up from my bed I spring
From the same old dream

Last laugh

Written By: Vince Williams

Once again, he's superman
just because he can't stand
to see you moving up in life
with a decent guy
And in his fit of jelousy
he threw some lines
across the page
delivering to you a valentine
So, you decide it's your best bet to reduce me to second best
Giving him another chance to prove me right

Yeah, I wonder why
when I see that distant look in your eyes
Yeah, I wonder why I wonder why

How in the hell do you sleep at night
Knowing that I'm tossing and turning
How in the hell do you sleep so tight
Knowing he got the last laugh

As karasmatic as Koresh with an intellect that's Hitleresque
His stories, they'd never fool the F.B.I.
Convinced that he's your better half you take comfort in his song and dance
Hunny, I don't wanna know what you're really like

Yeah, I wonder why when I see that distant look in your eyes
Yeah, I wonder why I wonder why

How in the hell...

Once again, he's superman
just because he can't stand
to see you moving up in life
with a decent guy
I'm never quite sure what to say evertime you pass my way
I shake my head cuz I can't contend and I realize
The picture stands on your nightstand
You know the one of you and him
I turn my head cuz I'm disgusted by the sight


My dignity has injuries from which I'll never learn
Sometimes I act just like a child
As far as harm I mean ya none
and give you my respect
Burn baby, burn


Vince Williams-Demo Disc-2005
**Featuring "And I think of you" which has been selected as a top 5 finalist in the June editionof the VH1 supported Song of the Year Contest**

2.And I think of you
3.Would ya like to spend th' night?
*songs from full length release in early 2006
copyright Vince Williams 2005

"Reflections" EP
1.Never easy in love
2.Cobalt skies
3.Zero defense/Lips o' Judas
copyright netheresque 2004

Set List

45 min sets - Total = 2 1/2 - 3 hours of music
1.Life, so far...
2.And I think of you (a valentine)
3.Last laugh
5.Parallel girl
6.Burn thru you
7.Hope in disguise
8.Rest assured
9. Breathe
10.This too shall pass
11.Back to school

covers include-Neil Young, The Killers,The Raconteurs,David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Ben Harper, Beatles, Bob Dylan, Cream, Cracker, Tom Petty, Snow Patrol, U2,Otis Redding and the list goes on...