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Esslingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Esslingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Band Metal Rock


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Vinder plays old skool heavy metal, the type of metal that went out of fashion a very long time ago. The style has returned to its crypt and is now a very little sub-genre and kept in the underground with a very strong following by the chosen few.

This pretty simple straight forward and fast heavy metal, with pounding drums, Iron Maiden and Accept inspired guitar riffs and a singer that won't win any prices for his talent anywhere. But the chosen few don't mind, they want their heroes to be unpretentious, honest and true - they don't want their music to be impeccable and to sound like a Million Dollar production. And Vinder fits the mould to perfection; this is honest and true, the musicians are good without being out of this world and the production is adequate.

The songs stay true to the band's heritage and will satisfy those, who salutes NWOBHM and the early days of metal. - POWER OF METAL


Vinder - Vertigo

Genre: Heavy Metal

Review vom: 06.03.2011
Redakteur: Eric
Veröffentlichung: 19.02.2011
Label: Music Buy Mail

Wenn sich gewesene Mitglieder von Tyran Pace und Sinner zusammentun mit dem Basser einer Judas Priest-Tribute-Band überrascht es nicht wirklich, wenn am Ende des Tages ein pures Metalalbum im Schacht rotiert. Wie hochwertig „Vertigo“ geworden ist, das überrascht dann aber doch.

Tatsächlich ist „Vertigo“, das zweite Album der Kapelle, derart arschtretend und vollgepackt, dass man nach dem ersten Ritt erstmal eine Verschnaufpause braucht. Der Vierer knallt uns einen Killerriff nach dem anderen um die staunenden Lauschlappen, dass es eine wahre Freude ist. Hört euch den Instrumental-Titelsong an oder das mächtige „Face In The Mirror“ und ihr wisst, wovon ich rede. Dass „Vertigo“ bei all der ungestümen Power nicht in tumbes Geprügel ausartet, liegt am ausgefeilten Songwriting der Kapelle. Vinder spielen geschickt mit Tempo und Stimmung, halten dabei den Spannungsbogen permanent hoch und wissen mit Dirk Schäffner einen absolut hochklassigen Mann am Mikro.

Ein wirkliche Pause gönnt uns der deutsche Vierer auf „Vertigo“ nicht. Da scheint das eher dem Hard Rock als dem Metal zuzuordnende „Diary Of A Child“ mit seinem fast poppigen Refrain schon als Balladenersatz herhalten zu müssen, denn ansonsten machen Vinder in Sachen Härte keine Kompromisse. Und das ist auch verdammt gut so, denn „Vertigo“ ist eine trend- und klischeefreie Metal-Scheibe geworden, an der alle Fans der traditionellen Töne extrem viel Spaß haben dürften. Fans von Priest, Maiden und Konsorten dürfen getrost ungehört zugreifen, Fehlkauf ausgeschlossen. Neben den zwölf Shitkickern ohne Ausfall gibt’s obendrauf einen Comic, der die Geschichte hinter „Vertigo“ erzählt. Ein absolut lohnendes Package also, saugeil!


1. The Letter
2. Dark Horizon
3. Where Evil Dwells
4. Face In The Mirror
5. In My Head
6. Vertigo
7. Funny Games
8. Secret Door
9. Diary Of A Child
10. The Reckoning
11. It's Me


Ralf Schulz (drums)
Thomas „Huyz“ Mössinger (bass)
Oliver Kaufmann (guitar)
Dirk Schäffner (vocals) - SQUEALER ROCKS


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by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 03 January 2011, 6:01 PM
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The old German Heavy / Power / Speed Metal band, TYRAN' PACE, has been long gone for years. In 2001, two of the late band's founders, drummer Ralf Schultz & guitarist Oliver "Oli" Kaufmann, paved the way to shape that once classic reality into a newfound strong Metal band by the name of VINDER. The musical prowess of the band share common elements with early legendary German Metal bands as ACCEPT, later SINNERalbums and you can also add TYRAN' PACE to the selection because you just can't let go of the old roots. For the initiation of 2011, and a celebration of a decade of existence, VINDER will release independently their dark, yet emotive, new concept album, "Vertigo".

When I prospected the album's material, I was very impressed by the band's sensitivity on pushing forward on being loyal to their old German Heavy Metal heritage. As it was, and still is, displayed on German classic oriented Metal bands, melody is still the name of the game besides the heaviness of the twin guitar assault, an imposing drum strike, and let's not forget a smashing new vocalist, Dirk Schäffner, who replaced their older vocal man Nick Winkler that appeared on the band's debut album "Visions Of Time". The new guy surly delivered a great performance.

Even so, with those great features, I didn't like their guitar sound, which was pretty much filled with tons of gain, which caused the guitars, when played alone, to make some darn noises. Gladly that the producer intensified the drum set, especially base drum, so that super gain error is partly covered. Other than that, "Vertigo" turned out to be rather cool.

The presented tracks of the album left the conviction that the old ways of German classic Metal is still alive and well. Definitive tracks such as "The Letter / Dark Horizon", "Where Evil Dwells", "Diary Of A Child" and "Face In The Mirror", will take you down through a dark world of mystery. I have to say that with their dark intentions, I had a rather hard time to understand the concept VINDER intended to show.

However, you can assume many things, it will only make it better. Besides those tracks I mentioned, I didn't find anything that is so thrilling about the others, but I can agree that the potential is there and also we are talking here about skilled performers, so no problems there with something better in the future. I do hope that me or the fans won't have to wait five years until a next released is dished to us.

3 Star Rating
1. The Letter / Dark Horizon
2. Where Evil Dwells
3. Face In The Mirror
4. In My Head
5. Vertigo
6. Funny Games
7. Secret Door
8. Diary Of A Child
9. The Reckoning / It's Me

Dirk Schäffner - Vocals
Oliver "Oli" Kaufmann - Guitar
Foti Stammler - Guitar
Thomas Mössinger aka Huyz - Bass
Ralf Schulz - Drums

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Edited 04 January 2012


Vinder: Vertigo

German Heavy Metal outfit Vinder are set to release their second album Vertigo. The band consisting of Ralf, Huyz, Oli, Foti and Dirk have tried very hard over the past years to create their own sound in the massive world of Heavy Metal bands. They have without a doubt found a sound they can call their own, although there are some very apparent pointers in their music.

The music is loud, fast, rough with heavy shredding all around. Still the melody kinda remains within the songs. Vertigo, the album in question, is a so called concept album, and the story deals with one Vincent Ó Leary. The whole thing comes packed with a comic which is a nice addition to the insane speeds Vinder sometimes let go on the album. And above that the comic by Anja Uhren helps you get a better feel of the whole story.

The whole of the album was so intense that I needed a break to relax and get back to earth before I could do something else. The songs instantly grab hold of you and have a certain familiar feel to them. I hadn't planned on giving away the pointers, but I will anyway. This is more or less traditional European Heavy melodic Metal in the veins of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Accept and the like. There you have it. Put on LOUD for the best Sound.

Track listing:
01. The Letter
02. Dark Horizon
03. Where Evil Dwells
04. Face In The Mirror
05. In My Head
06. Vertigo
07. Funny Games
08. Secret Door
09. Diary Of A Child
10. The Reckoning
11. It's Me

Added: February 2nd 2011
Reviewer: Gert Hulshof
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Language: english

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VINDER - Vinder
VINDER - Vitruvian Man



new album:

the story of Vincent O'Leary
(booklet is coming with a manga comic,and a book release will follow)

The album starts with a intro, calling The Letter and there is no singing.

1+2 The Letter - Dark Horizon

Vincent is receiving a letter, that he inherited the house where he was born. He left this house when he was a child because his father murdered Vincents grandma in this house and his father was going to prison, where he died now. His mum was taken away from the police in that night and he never saw her again. So he grew up in a orphanage and never wasted any time to remember his parents, because there was only hate for them. Now he wants to search for his mother, because he can´t understand, that he is the sole heir of this house.

3. Where Evil Dwells

He found his mother in a old and disintegrated house, that turned out to a madhouse. He found her sitting on the floor, her long and silver hair was woozily and her gaze was empty. She recognized him and freaked out, cried, screamed.. she was crazy. He left the house and now he knows the reason why he was the sole heir. He left this madhouse and decided to turn back to his birth house alone.

4. Face in the Mirror

He found his birth house and it seemed so familiar. He walked through this high rooms and hallways when he passed a big mirror. He saw a wrinkly grimace staring at him and this grimace was talking to him, forced him to go to the libary. There he will find the truth about everything what was going on in the past.

5. In my Head

In the libary he found old books and he read in this old family chronicles. Voices and old memorys begin to swish in his head and he seems to loose control and was falling asleep.

6. Instrumental Song

7. Funny Games

In his dreams he saw himself sitting in his children´s room, torturing animals to death. He enjoys killing this animals, to be the master over life and death and he is asking himself.. how to kill a human being ? He is been frightened and awakes.

8. Secret Door

Now he wants to see his old children´s room. He enters this room and everything is like when he was a child. Every book, every toy all things are untouched.He remembers, in this room he was the king, the master over life and death. He looks in the desk and found his old diary, so he starts to read in it.

9. Diary of a Child

He is reading in the diary and everything turns to a nightmare. He remembers all this brutal things he had done to the animals, all the sin he had done, when he was a child. Everything comes back in his mind and ends in a orgy of violence, like a movie in his head.

10. It´s Me

He escapes out of this room and runs back through the rooms and halls of the house. He passes the mirror and is staring to that grimace again. That grimace becomes clearer and clearer and now he recognizes his grandma. The face becomes blurred and now the mirror looks like a window to the past. He can see himself as a child, walking through the hallways, entering the room of his grandma. He is sleepwalking, with a knife in his hand.... and stabs her to death. Just in that moment, his parents come in the room, pulling him away from the corpse. His father carrys him in his children´s room and desposits him in his bed. He takes away the knife and calls the police. He can see his mother, holding the coffin with her mother inside. The police takes her and his father away.. away from that scene of a crime.. from that murder.. HE did.