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Linköping, Östergötland, Sweden | INDIE

Linköping, Östergötland, Sweden | INDIE
Band Alternative Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Detailed Album Review"

Vindra is a new name for me, and this Swedish alternative rock band has really made big impression on me with their original songs. Heroes Of The Unfinished Symphony contains 11 songs that musically is a mix of melodic rock/pop with hints of progressive rock and alternative rock, and Vindra has absolutely managed to made their own twist on their songs that stands out in the crowd in the today`s rock world. Song Of Life opens the album, a fine rock song with a lot of cool instrumental details. The clean smooth vocals from Cliff Ljung is really great, and compared to many other singers in this genre he really give the music an own identity with his clear strong voice. The next Disbelief sounds a bit more experimental in the first lines, but when the vocals enters the song it changes and gets a more melodic feel. The song nicely builds up to some really fine choruses and the instrumental details with the guitars and the nice played drums is cool to listen to. Secrets Of The Past opens slow with a cool mood before it kicks off with a rockier style for the chorus parts. A song that changes throughout and that grow for each time I hear it! My Old Hometown is a real beauty of a song! Slow from the start with beautiful vocals and delicate instrumentation. The song builds up with great played drums, guitars and with the vocals from Cliff on top this sounds just fantastic! The song reminds me about some of the finest moments from U2. Beautiful Night is a more pop/rock oriented song, a strong melody and rememberable chorus parts takes this song to a high level. Reunification 2009 has some really fine melodic smooth verses, the song builds up with drums, bass and guitars to addictive strong chorus parts. As many other of the songs the instrumentation is perfectly arranged and with the vocals on top they manage to give the songs an own delicate twist that stand out in the crowd today. Dreamer has a ballad like style in the verses, but gets a tougher melodic rock style in the chorus parts. The Message opens tough, but changes in the first verse with a smooth style. A song that sounds more melodic hard rock oriented round the chorus parts, and the melody and chorus lines is in my opinion some of the strongest on the album. Justify Myself is in a way a slower song, the melodic is on a top level and the guitar solo give the song a fine mood. My Freedom has a fine mood, a song that easily glues into your head with its fine melody and chorus. The nice guitar details at the end of the song keeps me as listener entertained and interested, and want to listen again and again! The last song is the instrumental title track Heroes Of The Unfinished Symphony. A perfect song to end the album, and here you get the chance to hear the fine instrumentation skills from each member! It`s great to discover new bands like this that really has manage to make something own that sound just great! So I`m sure that we will here more from Vindra in the years to come after such a well performed, written and good produced album! 97/100
//. Arne Asbölmo - melodichardrocktoday

"Review VINDRA debut album!"

The Swedish label BLUE TOPAZ RECORDS is most of the time focusing on releasing Melodic Hardrockalbums, but the first full-length album of the 2004 formed Swedish band VINDRA is definitely a little more modern Rockbased, yet not forgetting some strong melodies. The band has a very strong lead singer called CLIFF LJUNG and most of the 11 included tracks are very radio-ready actually. The band’s sound is not that far away from the current British Rock movement, although perhaps VINDRA has that additional typical Swedish Melodic Rock touch here and there, which makes them a little more interesting for the Melodic Rockfans for sure.
(Points: 8.3 out of 10)

//. Gabor Kleinbloesem of strutterzine - Strutterzine

"Review of the VINDRA debut album!"

Vindra, a relatively young (°2004) Swedish band found the time after a demo ('Reunification') and an EP ('Vindra') to release a full length album filled with melodic pop/rock songs.
They're making some waves as well as their full album is still streamed on their MySpace and they scored a couple of endorsement deals. Sticks & snares, you know the drill.
What immediately grabs a listener's attention whilst playing this record is singer Cliff Ljung who possesses a set of high definition, crystal clear vocal chords. It makes for an overall refreshing sound for a band that, with their venturing into pop-music, reminded me a little of Toad The Wet Sprocket, if that rings any bells.
The full album, however, is not entirely a success. It kicks off very strong with tracks like 'Song Of Life', 'Disbelief' & 'Beautiful Night' but towards the end the standard drops a couple of notches and left me therefore a little unsatisfied.
They'll get the benefit of the doubt from me as I strongly believe that in a couple of years, and with a little luck, this band will hold their own in the world of melodic rock. Because after all it's bands like this that will have to carry the torch for everything melodic. (KVK) - rockreport


VINDRA releases:

5 track demo EP "reunification" year: 2005
8 track EP "VINDRA" year: 2007
11 track Album "Heroes of the unfinished symphony" year 2010


Shine on 2008 (song: dreamer)
Shine on 2 2008 (song: the message)
Riot on sunset vol.13 2008 (song: around)
Magazine Groove CD7 2009 ( song: my old hometown)


My old hometown year: 2010 (on youtube)




The alternative melodic rockband was founded in Linköping, 2004 by Richard Sundström & Cliff Ljung and later same year Daniel Castman joined together with Christian Ljungberg (drums) and Nicklas Brännström (bass). The first demo "Reunification" was recorded 2005 and second up came the Ep "VINDRA" in spring of 2007. Just a while after this the band parted ways with Christian and Nicklas. The remaining members found Andreas Nederfeldt and Sonny Kjellberg who joined the band and this line-up has been going on strong since then.

2008 was a good year for the band, VINDRA found sponsors and recorded two tracks which were released both as a single and on two separate Swedish mixed-CDs, Allt ljus på oss (rel. may) and shine on 2 (rel. sept) distributed by Plugged. The earlier recorded track ”around” from 2005 made it to the American, Riot on sunset 13 (rel. sept) released by 272records. During this time the band also made a name for themselves on the internet, for example by being part of and going to the finals in online competitions such as MTV Nordic-unsigned and
Miller Fresh Sounds were there where thousands of bands from the beginning.

In November 2008 VINDRA signed with Blue Topaz Records and the full length debut album ”Heroes of the unfinished symphony” was released worldwide in june 2009.

VINDRA are a really solid live-act and have gigged a bit of everywhere; on festivals, clubs, bars, restaurants and television. For example at the legendary nightclub Cafe Opera in Stockholm, Sweden.

The band had an iTunes success in sweden in februari 2009 with the song Dreamer as the 6th most downloaded song.

The thing that makes the band standout from other rockbands is the singers voice. Cliffs clean smooth style have resources that actually still haven t been fully tested but together with the playful guitar melodies and in the next years to come, it will!