Vine St.

Vine St.

 Tucson, Arizona, USA
BandHip HopFunk

We are a band that dabbles in many types of music, brought together by a Hip Hop frontman. A cohesive music style that nearly forces you to dance and definitely inclines you to get down in your own fashion. We are energetic and love to play more than anything; which we have done together for many years.


Vine St. is a live Hip Hop band from Tucson AZ. They have been a band since 2006 and have just finished recording their second album due for release on February 4, 2012. They have performed shows around the southwest and have opened for a variety of major acts including Sean Kingston, The Knux, Mystic Roots, and Shwayze. The music style is diverse, ranging from rock to reggae, hip hop to even blues, with essences of electronica and dance. They are able to perform shows ranging from 30 min’s to an entire night. So get on your dancing shoes and prepare to get up to get down.


Sideshow of this Here Disco LP, Say What You Wanna Say LP, Demo EP