Vingança aos Vizinhos

Vingança aos Vizinhos


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Kid Sweet Dreams

Written By: Nikky T.


Sometimes I don’t think people understand
The life that I wanna live
When I just don’t see it happening,
it just takes my will to believe.

In and out of existential crisis.
I’m not even sure what I should do. (Totally lost)
And somehow, I believe
The only one that could save me is you.
And I’m done with being alone.

So stay tonight
Hold me tight
Make me wanna fall asleep
Next to you
So I know who I’ll be waking up to
After my kid sweet dreams

I can’t go to bed anymore
I just try to ignore these thoughts that hunt me (every day)
I don’t like to live in the past
But I just wish I could get back my peace
And maybe dream again
Just like when I was a kid


I used to take 15 min to fall asleep
Now I can’t even lye in bed
Doesn’t even matter how tired I am
When someone would tell me stories
And stay by me side
Till I’d fall asleep,
And turn off the lights
Now I can’t even see them
‘cause I’m blinded by worries and fears,
but they seem smaller when you’re near me

Chorus X 2