Vinnie Ferra

Vinnie Ferra

 Hartford, Connecticut, USA

"Rock 'n' Roll with a Folk Feel" is this bands "Genre". Use of banjo, viola and mandolin in alternative forms, songs that range from Jeff Buckley to Sufjan Stevens to Mumford and Sons. Not one song sounds the same is what you'll hear from most show goers and that is the draw.


Vinnie and his mates have done a lot for a band with zero label, zero mgmt and zero agent. All in their Prius. Touring constantly (see tour history) on the east and the west. To South by, CMJ. They are poised for lift up at any moment.

Vinnie just recorded a single w/ Producer Pierre de Reeder of Rilo Kiley (produced M. Ward, She and Him, Vampire Weekend, Jenny and John). Sneak peak here:

Ferra and 2 of the members of his group have relocated to the east coast where they have locked themselves up in the outskirts of Connecticut (ellington) to finish the record. Due to be released in 2013.

The group is slated to play SXSW again this year in a larger capacity.

Tour History:


Album: Man vs. Machine (July 2010)
Single: Even When I'm With You (June 2010)
Single 2: Bad For Business

EP: Three Song EP (April 2011)
Single: Untitled

Live Recording: Beehive Session (March 2012)
Destroying Me (Live)

EP: Destroying Me EP (Feb/March 2013)

Album: TBA