Vinnie Mirisola

Vinnie Mirisola


Need a guy like me? I play Fiddle, Pedal Steel, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar and Mandolin, and sing Lead and Backup Vocals. I like to write. My original music is a cross between rock, pop, southern rock and country. I love to perform. New England is my home. Contact me anytime.


Music Awards:
1997 Nhcma State Band of the Year 'Kim & The Jukebox Cowboys'
1998 Northeast Regional Band of the Year 'Kim & The Jukebox Cowboys'
1999 National Band of the Year 'Kim & The Jukebox Cowboys'
2000 State & Regional Instrumentalist of the Year
2001 State & Regional Duet of the Year (with Kim Poesse)
2002 National Band of the Year (with The Dan Morgan Band)
2005 National Band of the Year (with Tracilynne & American Pride)

I started out on violin in grade school, and by the time I reached Junior High, I took up the guitar. Steve Howe of Yes and Carlos Santana's guitar playing had me hooked. I have never been afraid of an audience, and few people understand me when I say the stage is the safest place in the world.

So cover bands and a few original projects became my destiny. Lord knows I love doing this more than anything else with few exceptions. My life has been preceded by the thought "how would this affect my music?".

As the years progress, music remains my avocation. I find value in being a good utility player. I've won competition awards from here to Las Vegas. I like to entertain the crowd with a fiddle, and I have to get serious with the band when sitting at the pedal steel. Playin guitar, mandolin or acoustic is second nature. I played with the popular southern rockers Gunsmoke in the early days, started many cover rock bands and was co-founder of my second most-popular band Kim and the Jukebox Cowboys. That band won state, regional and national awards recently.

I took an interest in music in the second grade. There was always music at our family gatherings. It seemed everyone could sing or play an instrument. Mom and Dad would sing beutiful harmonies in the living room while Dad strummed a guitar. Dad would bribe me with an ice cream sundae if I learned one of the Italian folk songs! I've heard stories about my grandfather acting in New York, and my uncle playing drums in jazz bands. Music was, and still is a part of my heritage.

I enjoy bringing my experience to a band environment. Over the past few years I've been part of Jimmy Lehoux and The Lehousiana Boys, Jimmy Cole and The Dixie Moon Band, Tracilynne and American Pride, and The Midnight Bandits. I am honored to have developed a close musical bond with these groups. I really like playing with these bands. In addition I continue to sit in at select shows in other local bands.

At one time I owned and operated a Stringed Instrument Building and Repair Shop. I presently enjoy building Tube Amplifiers as a hobby, and I explore the folk music of the Irish and Italians for diversification. My daughter plays violin, and is even better at the piano. We enjoy the common bond of music. I hope she makes a career out of it.

If you have a need for a decent musician, I can sing and harmonize as well as I play, drop me a line. I enjoy the challenge of finding the right note that fits the tune. I can enhance any show by adding an alternate instrument to it.


Sam and The Buca's - It's Been A Long Time
Ten original songs written by Jerry MArtinez, Vinnie Mirisola and Mike O'neil. Performed and recorded by friends and members of Gunsmoke, North Reading, Massachusetts.

Set List

For the past few years my typical setlist for a show opener is 15 songs, with an 80/20 mix of originals and covers.

Full-nite shows are usually three sets of 15 songs with a 20/80 mix of originals and covers.