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The best kept secret in music



I presently promote Kevin Ceballo, Veronica, Rigo y Su Obra Maestra, Jimmy Bosch & others and have interacted with them in the creations of their pages.MONDO records ( have also had me promote Olga Tanon's/Hakim's song "Ah Ya Albi" in my own unique way in the past. Being a singer & with a keen ear for music,.. I will not just put ANY music on my site because the quality & popularity of my site will diminish. I have only heard the one cut presented by RAY & VINNY and can hear that these guys know their "musica". Anyway, ... I have placed their music at my site because they should be heard by my many visitors. thanks for your complimant & I hope to hear from you again. Abraham Ortiz - musician, best salsa site!


Ambitious CD, Twin brothers Vinny and Ray have surrounded themselves with top talent for an ambitious,larger than life CD and (I'm told) live set!. - Ben Ohmart


"Vinny and Ray are far superior to the talent that major record labels promote." - Pepe Marquez

"Independent Music Awards"

Ardel Records is pleased to announce that VINNY AND RAY is the recipient of the “Best Original Latin Song of the 2004” presented by the Independent Music Awards. The award winning song “Rumba en el Barrio” is featured on their first album “Only the beginning” (released in 2002). The news will be officially posted in January at the following site: - N/A



'Latin American' Rhythm Magazine
Interview With Vinny & Ray
Latin Cool Now [06-18-2004]
By: \'LA\'

When did the band first form?

The beginnings of the band dates back to late 1980's. We have been playing since High School for different bands. Our first band was called ORQUESTA PRESION. This band dismantled and we regroup again forming our band. We decided to keep our names, since people recognized us by our first names. VINNY AND RAY.

Who are the current members and what are their backgrounds?

Vinny Perez; lead singer, trumpet, flute, flugelhorn. Ray Perez; conga, bongo, timbal, tambora, drums. Victor Ramos; piano. This trio has been together from the beginning. Luis Rivero; bass. Many Rivero; 2nd trumpet; David Ruiz; 3rd trumpet. Augusto Castro; trombone. Peter Valentin; 2nd trombone. Vinny Martinez; congas. Carlos Santiago; bangos.

These musicians have been performing for many years. All of us hold steady jobs, we hope as many musicians do, to make a living doing what we love to do, play our music and entertain our audiences.

Soundclip: Ayer Te Ame

What brought everyone together as one band?

Our love for our Music. Our desire to represent our ethnicity via our instruments.

How would you describe your music and playing style?

Our music is aggressive old school salsa, we work hard in personalizing the sound adapting it to new beats and given it and edge to whatever piece of music we are playing. Sometimes we like to improvise and we like to have a "conversation" with our instruments.

What image do you think your music conveys?

Our Music conveys energy and excitement. Movement, and definitely Latin beat.

Soundclip: Historia De Un Amor

Who are some of the other artists that you enjoy or draw inspiration from?

We admire and feel inspired by: Luis Perico Ortiz. Ray Barreto. Eddie Palmieri. Marc Anthony and Ruben Blades, among other great performers of Latin Music.

Tell us about your CD release?

"Only the beginning" is our first CD. It was our dream to put a CD out. It was hard work and for all the musicians who have recorded, they know that things do not always go smoothly; but our love for our culture and music and the support of our families kept us on track. This CD was released by ARDEL RECORDS.

We are on the process of recording our second CD. We hope we can finished sometime this year. It will be very different from our first one. We want to include different sounds, like more Latin jazz and we will have more originals.

How often do you play live, how can someone check out one of your shows?

We play live as often as we can. Sometimes we collaborate with other bands in the area. It is hard to find good gigs. The problem seems to be generalized. It is always the money. We cannot afford to loose money. We cannot play for nothing. We are professional musicians and there has to be a minimum we have to make. We notify our record company of any upcoming gigs. You can check for upcoming performances.

Soundclip: Rumba En El Barrio

How are your live shows different from listening to your CD?

We are very energetic, we want to keep the audience engage at all the times. There is a dialogue between musicians and audience that has to be kept open. We showcase our musicians doing solos, percussion jams, we have fun when we play.

What type of fans to you target/cater to?

We target an audience very varied. All ages and ethnicities. Perhaps because we sing in English and in Spanish. We play instrumental numbers where you do not have to speak nor understand a language to feel engaged to the sound of music.

Soundclip: What You Won't Do For Love

Now that Latin music has become a staple genre in terms of popularity, where does your group fit in?

As I said, by singing in both languages and playing Latin jazz we are able to invite different demographic groups. Latin Music is very well liked and appreciated all over the world. It is very popular in Europe, certain parts of Asia and of course all South America, besides USA. That is a lot of territory..

In what ways are you promoting your music?

Our Record Label is in charge of that. Ardel Records is promoting Vinny and Ray through any way that exists today. Radio promotion, magazines advertisements, posters, live gigs, festivals, nationwide and international. We had radio interviews. Reviews in Italy, Argentina, Belgium, we have had people from Turkey requesting their CD! Vinny and Ray are the recipients of the best Latin song RUMBA EN EL BARRIO, given by INDEPENDENT MUSIC AWARDS. This award is sponsored by Music Resource Group, the Musicians Atla's and Border's. Their publicity campaign is going to help us tremendously, their data base consists of 4.5 million people. It is an honor to receive this award.

Soundclip: La Fiesta

What difficulties have you encountered as an independent band? - Ben Ohmart


Vinny & Ray “Only the Beginning” (Ardel Records)

Escuchar este álbum fue motivo de alegría para mí, no sólo por la calidad de su música, sino también porque puedo ver que hay elementos jóvenes que están dispuestos a mantener la tradición salsera de calidad, y, a la vez, brindar nuevas ideas. Y estos muchachos, originarios del Bronx, realmente entienden los ABC’s de la salsa, habiendo formado anteriormente la Orquesta Presión. De manera que no debe ser sorpresa que “Only the beginning”, su primera producción, demuestre que vienen con todo. Este álbum está hecho para satisfacer todos los gustos, desde los salseros de la mata, hasta los bailadores.

“Only the Beginning” tiene de todo un poco, representado en diez temas. El CD arranca con el clásico “Historia de un amor”, que abre románticamente al estilo Marc Anthony, pero cambia a una salsa brava. Le sigue una descarga al estilo Eddie Palmieri, de nombre “Rumba en el Barrio”. Esta pieza, por sí sola, vende el CD. No en vano fue declarado ganador del mejor tema en los Premios Independientes de Música 2004. Aquí tenemos buenas descargas de cueros, piano y saxofón. Se ofrecen dos deliciosos números de salsa cantada en inglés: “What You won’t do for love” y “Hello”. Energética y actualizada podemos describir su versión de “Mama Guela”, que también incluye descargas de piano y timbal. Además, tenemos el caliente merengue “La Fiesta”, que debo admitir me gustó, debido a que suena fresco, y las tamboras y saxofones se escuchan como debe ser. Este no es un techno merengue comercial que nos hacen digerir en la radio. El CD cierra con “En Mi viejo San Juan”, a manera de balada instrumental.

Estos hermanos gemelos, de sangre boricua, tienen talento de sobra. Vinny Pérez canta, y toca la trompeta y la flauta, y Ray Pérez toca toda la percusión. Dicen que están preparando una segunda producción, la que estaré esperando ansiosamente. “Only the Beginning” es precisamente eso, el comienzo de lo que puede ser una gran carrera.

- Eric Gonzalez.."Herencia Latina"

"Review from Italy"

Cantante: Vinny & Ray - Album: Only the beginning
Data: 11/12/2003
Recensione: Vinny & Ray ‘Only the beginning’ - Vinny e Ray Perez sono due giovani musicisti ( Vinny: voce solista e tromba, Ray: percussioni ), di origine Puertotiqueña ma nati nel Bronx e attualmente residenti nel Connecticut. Il loro primo album , prodotto per la discografica Ardel Records, consta di otto brani per un totale di 42 minuti. Il cd si apre con l’ arrangiamento in chiave Salsa Romantica di un famosissimo ‘standard’ ‘Historia de un amor’ e prosegue con ‘Rumba nel barrio’ bel brano di salsa carica che si apre – appunto – con il primo minuto in rumba per andare poi in salsa, in uno stile che mi ricorda molto quella dei ‘Tabaco y Ron’. ‘What you don’t do for Love’ e ‘Hello’ ( hit di Lionel Ritchie degli anni ’80 ) sono due salse ‘en english’ quindi decisamente romantiche, la prima si conclude con un bell’ arrangiamento per sola orchestra. Troviamo poi la reinterpretazione di un altro famoso standard: ‘Mama Guela’ di Tito Rodriguez. L’ arrangiamento proposto e’ in chiave salsa carica ( forse troppo veloce – ahimè! - per uso discoteca ) pur proponendo nel finale momenti di Latin jazz; ‘Ayer te ame’ salsa romantica procede ‘La fiesta’ un merenguito decisamente tranquillo in stile anno ’80 e ‘En mi viejo SanJuan’ brano lento interpretato dalla tromba di Vinny Perez che chiude l’ album. Non so’ fino a che punto l’album possa avere vendibilita’ in Italia visto che il nostro gia’ striminzito mercato discografico Latin assimila solo produzioni adatte alla discoteca e qui di brani del genere vedo solo ‘Rumba nel barrio’, brano che pero’ puo’ essere davvero una piacevole scoperta per i nostri Dj’s. La produzione, considerando che e’ la prima e che non ha alle spalle una ‘major’ puo’ considerarsi valida e sicuramente Vinny e Ray potranno riservarci per il futuro altre belle sorprese musicali.

- Roberto Rabbi/salsa italia


Their first CD was released one year ago, the title of the CD is ‘ONLY THE BEGINNING” The CD has radio play in diverse cities nationwide and internationally, from California, to Chicago, New York, Connecticut, Canada, Italy, Germany... It is also available on many websites and can be heard through internet radio.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Vinny Perez and Ray Perez are twin brothers, Puertorriqueños, born in the Bronx. Today they live and work in Connecticut. Their love for Latin Music comes from their ethnic background. Singing and dancing was always a part of growing up. During their high school years they began to play their instruments and they loved it! It became part of them just as they became part of their instruments….They played for different bands until they formed their first band. Their first band consisted of 5 members and was known as ‘ORQUESTA PRESION” They became a local favorite band with their original songs and jamming style. They played at Block Parties, Colleges, Festivals and Dances… The band branched out and eventually they formed VINNY AND RAY. The public recognized them by their names so they decided to keep it that way. Vinny and Ray’s band have played in venues such as: AFB in Washington, DC, the Catskills in NY, The International Arts and Idea Festival in New Haven. The Riverfront Recapture in Hartford,. Some of their opening acts were for Tito Puente, Ritchie Havens, etc. In 2003 they have played at the Latino Expo in Westchester, N.Y. and they were one of the showcase band for the Indianapolis Music Conference. They are also the recipients of the award for the best Latin song 2004 given by INDEPENDENT MUSIC AWARDS. Their music is also featured on an IMA "Winners Jukebox" area located in the IMA section of the site

Their musical influence is as varied as their music… Luis “Perico” Ortiz, Isidro Infante, Eddie Palmieri, Poncho Sanchez, Tito Rodriguez, Tito Nieves, are some of the artists that influenced them.…
Their unique style in playing and breathing Latin music transfers to the audience and you can see the synergy between the musicians and the public. Their performance always involves solos, percussion jams, big band sounds and a smooth, eclectic stage presence.