Vinny and Ray

Vinny and Ray


High Energy Band. Vinny and Ray are redefining Latin Music. They lead 11 musicians in a superior musical performance reflecting their musicianship and showmanship. Their ability to play music comes from their soul…. A must see!


Vinny Perez and Ray Perez are twin brothers, Puertorriqueños, born in the Bronx. Today they live and work in Connecticut. Their love for Latin Music comes from their ethnic background. Singing and dancing was always a part of growing up. During their high school years they began to play their instruments and they loved it! It became part of them just as they became part of their instruments….They played for different bands until they formed their first band. Their first band consisted of 5 members and was known as ‘ORQUESTA PRESION” They became a local favorite band with their original songs and jamming style. They played at Block Parties, Colleges, Festivals and Dances… The band branched out and eventually they formed VINNY AND RAY. The public recognized them by their names so they decided to keep it that way. Vinny and Ray’s band have played in venues such as: AFB in Washington, DC, the Catskills in NY, The International Arts and Idea Festival in New Haven. The Riverfront Recapture in Hartford,. Some of their opening acts were for Tito Puente, Ritchie Havens, etc. In 2003 they have played at the Latino Expo in Westchester, N.Y. and they were one of the showcase band for the Indianapolis Music Conference. They are also the recipients of the award for the best Latin song 2004 given by INDEPENDENT MUSIC AWARDS. Their music is also featured on an IMA "Winners Jukebox" area located in the IMA section of the site

Their musical influence is as varied as their music… Luis “Perico” Ortiz, Isidro Infante, Eddie Palmieri, Poncho Sanchez, Tito Rodriguez, Tito Nieves, are some of the artists that influenced them.…
Their unique style in playing and breathing Latin music transfers to the audience and you can see the synergy between the musicians and the public. Their performance always involves solos, percussion jams, big band sounds and a smooth, eclectic stage presence.


Their first CD was released one year ago, the title of the CD is ‘ONLY THE BEGINNING” The CD has radio play in diverse cities nationwide and internationally, from California, to Chicago, New York, Connecticut, Canada, Italy, Germany... It is also available on many websites and can be heard through internet radio.

Set List

Typically our sets are 45 min. to 1 hour long. The play list will vary according to the venue we perform. The band plays all songs from the record and will incorporate new music when it calls for.