Vinny Roth

Vinny Roth


If you are looking for Blues-rock guitar Instrumental music, with an as real as it gets vibe you have found it. My music is a mixture of everything I have ever listened to, utilizing the Melody and the Groove as the center of all every composition!!


Vinny Roth was born in Queens, New York USA and moved to Fairfax, Virginia in 1980. He started out with weekly piano lessons at age 8 and soon switched to the acoustic guitar after seeing his first Elvis movie. It was the opening riff in "Walk This Way" by Aerosmith that inspired Vinny to get his first electric.

His first real guitar teacher, was an old Hippie named Rick who inspired Vinny to improvise and listen to bands like The Allman Brothers and The Grateful Dead. It was in high school that Vinny would jam with future members of 7 Mary 3 and the Aimee Mann band.

After high school he attended both Northern Virginia Community College and George Mason University obtaining a fine arts degree in Music.

Roth has toured, played and recorded with such bands as 3% Phat, aFunkUnation, Four Foot Flat, Spur, Cleveland Wehle, Simon Philips, The Shane Hines Band, Grilled, Clones of Funk, Eric Weinberg and many others. He's also opened for such acts as Blue Oyster Cult, Molly Hatchett, Otis Night and The Days, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Leon Russell, BTO, Pat Travers,Ian Gillan, Etc...
What sets Vinny's sound and style apart from other artist of the same style is his as real as it gets approach to songwrighting and careful attention to groove and melody. A flaw in a world of guitar instrumental overkill
Recently Vinnie has scored as both local store and state winner and regional finalist for Guitar Center's 2004 GuitarMaggedden Solo Contest.

In 2004, Vinny recorded and acted for the TV pilot, "You Don't Say" with special guest news anchor Cokie Roberts and soccer phenom Freddie Adu.

In 2005 Roth was featured in both the June and July Guitar Player magazine issues. Also in 2005 he worked on music for a Discovery Channel documentary.In Nov. 2006 Vinny won honerable mention for his original composition "Redneck Noise" at the 23rd Annual MidAtlantic Song Contest. He was also featured in the June 2007 issue of Guitar Player Magazine....


Cheap Bottle of Wine

Written By: Vinny Roth

I wor so hard to survive
I need a lift to get me by
The thought alone keeps me passified
and holding on another day
Slaving to the power of the quitting time hour
Shrugging off the hassles on this one way reality ride
This job has me crucified, another forty plus overtime
Someday the world will be all mine

I need a cheap old bottle of wine
Doesn't matter just any kind
Say, you gotta love it when the good times come your way

I punch the clock and it hits me back
I get paid and have a laugh
Not much for busting ass
Sometimes that's the way it goes
Hit the strip like a meteorite
Got me some plans tonight
Two ladies on my mind and a bottle of red or white
When all is said I have some fun
I guess it's working fine
There aint nothing like it you can find

Gonna get a cheap bottle of wine
pass it 'round cause it's party time
Say, you gotta love it when the good times come your way

I scan the shelves for the perfect prize
I watch the top-shelf jockeys shuffle by
In the corner, what a beautiful sight
A dusty bottle, marked down today, one sip from heaven, carry me away

Gotta cheap old bottle of wine
pass it 'round keep the party alive
Say, you gotta love it when the good times come your way

4 a.m. and the paty's dying
I need a lift aint no denying
Twist the cap pass the jug around
again, and again and again
Same scene as the week before
bodies passed out on the floor
Dionysis been here before,
he raised his glass and smiled
Hangover's just hours away
I'd sell my soul for time to play
Right now the world is all mine

Gotta cheap old bottle of wine
pass it 'round keep the party alive
Say, you gotta love it when the good times come your way


Written By: Vinny Roth

no lyrics/instrumental


2 Stratz Are Better Than 1 solo C.D.
Live at Rutongo hall Venice-E.P- 2002
Afunkunation- self titled -1999
Get Back Up Again-Eric Weinberg(Guest spots)

Set List

Set list is usually a list of 40-50 rotating tunes. 80% of it being original. It is not unusual to hear such diverse cover tunes as" Crosstown Traffic"-Hendrix "The Weight" by The Band " Cissy Strut " The Meters "Impression" Coltrane or "Europa" by Santana