Vinsky Project

Vinsky Project


ViP is a 21st Century original crossover `Indie-Balkan-Rock` band from Amsterdam.


Vinsky Project made their debut in Amsterdam as early as autumn 2005, but kept on reinventing theirselves until today; adding new styles of music to their own complaisant mixture and gaining new, fresh musicians along the way. With a line up now consisting of Dutch, Hungarian and Polish and musicians playing guitar, soapbox percussion, cello, electric bass, tambura and arabic drum and inspiration drewn from touring the Balkan in 2008 and 2009 and listening to Latin-American as well as progressive rock music, they will take you with them on their yet undefined path. What happens next might be the biggest surprise!


Raam`O`Lash 2005
Folk Fusion 2007
Irregular Paths 2008
Acquire the Taste 2011