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The best kept secret in music


"Vintage - Interview"

Vintage - Interview
Bettina Harpin, 07 May 2006

1.How did you all meet?

Ben and Stephen have know each other since Jr. high school. They both grew
up in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Ben moved out to CA to attend Cal State
University Northridge as a theatre major and Stephen went to the
conservatory of music at the University of Missouri, Kansas City. One
summer when both were back in Cape Girardeau for break, they decided to get
a duo band project started. So Stephen left the conservatory amd moved to
LA in May 2004. Ben, since he had been in Los Angeles for a few years, had
met Brandon through working a restaurant job. We asked him to join the
project in Jan., 2005. Brandon knew Shaughn through various friends and so
he joined in Apr., 2005. Now, we have been through 4 drummers in this past
year, all of which did not end up working out. We signed on Nadir last
month. We found him on Myspace.

2. Were there any other names for the band in the running?

BCSL was the first name of the project between Stephen and Ben, but other
than that, none.

3. What is the most difficult as an artist?

Staying true to what you believe your art should be while still figuring out
a way to make money doing it.

4. What are you aspiring to accomplish as a band?

We would like to be the next big thing. It is going to take a lot of work,
but we can do it. We want to set new trends. We want to 'raise the bar'

5. What gives you motivation/inspiration to continue doing what you're doing?

God first and foremost. Next, I would say that we have each other. When
one of us starts loosing our minds with all the stress that bands have in
LA, the others are there for support (or a kick in the ass!)

6.Who are your musical influences?

Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, classical music (like Wagner, Beethoven, Mahler,
Liszt, etc), Pink Floyd, The Who, ColdPlay, The Doors, Ben Folds... that's a
decent list.

7.What is your live show like?

We come out swinging with our big live show hits like 'Hey You' and 'Make Ya
Say.' They get the crowd movin'. We usually throw in one cover in a 30min
set, maybe two if we have an hour to play. Our live shows have a small arc
to them: We start big, come down a little bit, but then end huge.

8.Tell us about your own unique style of music?

It is Neo-Vintage. Now, remember that Vintage does not just mean older. As
an adjective Vintage is: "Characterized by excellence, maturity, and
enduring appeal" We want to take all of the great things in music history
and then build them. More specifically, we take most of our influence from
classic rock, BUT there is an obvious classical music in that mix. That
sound is then reworked so it fits into a modern format.. usually.
'Wondering Eyes' for example could have been written in 1974, but that is an
exception. Most of our other songs though could be played on the radio, we
use modern timbres, and standard forms/arrangements.

9. What separates your band from all the other bands out there?

We're doing something different. We're also really, really, really,
ridiculously good looking (j.king!!). We are not following the trends of
Fall Out Boy, All American Rejects, or The Killers.

10. If you could each play with one artist, living or deceased, who would you chose to play with and why?

Hm, if Pink Floyd reunited for just one night, I would let them open for us.

11. Besides music, what are your other passions?

Sports, long walks on the beach, and the missionary position.

12. What's in store for the next album?

This next album (which is yet to be titled) will be our first. We are
recording with producer Rob Chiarelli and working with him has been amazing.
He's really just incredible, and a nice guy too. On the album, you'll
hear songs that are a bit more pop, and some that sound more like classic
rock. Expect some really nice guitar solos, some great vocal harmonies, and
catchy melodies.

13. Is there a tour in the works?

We plan on touring from Aug. 14 to Sept. 5 this year. We'll hit Dallas,
Memphis, St. Louis, Madison, Chicago, Kansas City, Denver, and a bunch of
college towns between.

14. You all seem very close, is there ever any confrontation within the band?

Only when Shaughn beats Stephen in chess... Actually, there's really never
any major confrontation. Well, with our current membership. Like I said,
we're on our 4th drummer in less than a year of playing together because the
others are just... well, drummers are a different breed. That says enough I

15. Your most memorable performance?

The Hard Rock Cafe on Dec. 27, 2005. That night, we won the KROQ/Hard Rock
Cafe battle of the bands. Stephen had flown in that night from recording
one of his symphonies in Moscow with the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra.
His plan landed at 7:00pm and we took the stage at - Left Coast Revue


"Take It All" produced by Rob Chiarelli


Feeling a bit camera shy


Vintage features the unique talents of: Ben Carter (lead vocals), Shaughn Kennedy (bass, back up vocals), Stephen Limbaugh (piano, trumpet), Nadir Maraschin (drums) and Brandon Sweeney (guitar and back up vocals).

“After attending Vintage’s recent show at the Viper Room, I knew I was dealing with significant star quality on all counts. Ben Carter’s vocals are astounding and the band’s stage presence is truly mesmerizing. This band is definitely going places and MLC PR is going to make sure that music lovers are aware of their talent and achievements,” says Mona Loring, President of M. Loring Communications PR.

The band members’ eclectic backgrounds have collaborated to form an original sound-- elegant yet crass, dirty but pleasant, simply put, rock at its finest. After a year of playing shows all over Los Angeles, Vintage was proudly crowned the champions of the Hard Rock/KROQ Battle of the Bands in December 2005. Shortly thereafter, they moved onto another contest and walked away with the top honor for B.B. King's Battle of the Bands, March 20, 2006. Taking their earnings and momentum of the victory, Vintage began production on their debut self-release "Take It All" at their home in Studio 24. Although the band’s neo-classic rock music already sets them apart from the norm, the band worked with renowned producer Rob Chiarelli (Madonna, Ray Charles, Janet Jackson) to ensure the album was beyond extraordinary.

On August 4th 2006, Vintage released "Take It All" in front of a crowd of 800 people at Club Element in Hollywood then left for the remainder of the month on their first U.S. tour. Covering 12 cities, Vintage was welcomed by raving crowds from Memphis to Madison, Chicago to Denver, and all in between. They were featured on various radio stations, newspapers and music blogs. Now a proven act in a class of their own, Vintage is currently shopping to labels and is planning their next tour in spring 2007. Their first release, “Take It All” is available through, CD Baby, and iTunes.