Vintage 75 Music

Vintage 75 Music

 New York City, New York, USA

Vintage 75 Music Publishing is an independent music publishing company specializing in Pop, Urban/R&B, Hip-Hop music and instrumentals. Through its production arm, The Aqua League, Vintage 75 Music's catalog has been featured across television, film and other various forms of media.


Established in 2002, The Aqua League became the in-house production team for New York-based production company DonProductions. During their tenure, the duo provided music for Royal Flush, Pretty Boy Gavin, Generell, Lynda Carter, R&B crooner Kofi Black, 1 Man Army and Xtra Large.

That year, the producers would create “Superbaby” which was featured on Moby’s Area 2 tour. The following year, they would produce Euphonics, the debut LP from Hip-Hop duo Euphon. In 2005, The Aqua League would produce Euphonics: Redefined, a limited edition LP from the Harlem MCs which garnered acclaim from media and fans alike.

Their success continued in 2005 when The Aqua League went on to sign a licensing deal with MTV Networks. Their compositions were the background support for shows like Run’s House, MTV Cribs, Made, Direct Effect, Pimp My Ride and True Life. The group would go on to sign with The Bravo Network and provide music for My Life on the D-List with comedienne Kathy Griffin. In 2006, The Aqua League signed music placement agreements with licensing companies InDigi Music, Rumblefish and Pump Audio, providing them with support material for straight to DVD releases, trailers and shows on The Speed Network and VH1.

In 2008, the urban/alternative record label Ironhorse Music Group would recruit The Aqua League to provide production for Alternative Soul artist The Sistah, Producer/Recording Artist DougSimpson and former DonProductions recording duo Euphon.

In 2009, The Aqua League released The Velvet Gentleman: The Soundtrack from 5 to 9, the first instrumental release on IHMG, giving The Aqua League an opportunity to showcase their musical talent and influences.

The Aqua League’s current projects include an LP The Repostioning (avaiable now) work with Hip-Hop duo SleepWalkas, Canadian female MC Eternia, Hip-Hop trio TriBoro, Mojo from Dujeous, an EP from Alternative Soul artist The Sistah (Brown On The Edges, available now) and an EP and album from Producer/Recording artist DougSimpson.


Get Away

Written By: J. Boyd, K.D. Rankin, T. H. Rankin, R. Anteola


Yes I’m by another crowded space/ Long lines wrap around this place
Everybody’s got the wrong agenda/ I’m just trying to fine where I fit in (and how)
Every breeze that I’m feeling today/ I wish it could take me away
(the pressures) trying to catch up/ but I just can’t let that get to me right now
(ooh) I would giving anything / just to pack a bag and get away
if it was that easy/ believe me, would’ve been gone yesterday
(ooh) wish money wasn’t everything/ but without it you can’t do a thing
they say the best in life is free/ I guess that’s why I always dream to

Get away
sometimes you want to run/ (run away)
maybe pack a bag and fly/ (fly away)
or party the night/ (the night away)
sometimes you wanna go (go, go…)

The world’s moving at a blinding pace/ we’re all running in the same rat race
(the closer we get to the finish)/ we see that we’re so caught up in the mix
(traffic everywhere we go)/ everybody’s in rush to the closing doors
because if you’re lucky/ and lucky ain’t never been that good enough for me
(ooh) if I could have anything/ I wish for a pair of eagle wings
I could just take off to the sky/ and leave all gravity behind
(aye) I would go anywhere/ just to get away from being here
This ain’t the worst place I could be/ but just for today I really need to


Amazing things/ are waiting out there if we
Can escape what’s here in front of us/ and find a way to our dreams
So go with me/ and we can find a perfect breeze
That will sweep us off our feet/ just wait and see
We can fly away/ hey, hey – we’re gonna fly away
We, we, we need to