Vintage Frequency

Vintage Frequency


When the only thing that mattered was Tone ~ Tone was the only thing that mattered. Help us make NEW music the old fashioned way while re-introducing it to new generations of people.


Current Events ! !

These chumps have made it to the FINAL TOP 5 (in the entire nation) for an Indie-Film making project. If selected as winner, the band will have one song featured as the soundtrack for a movie trailor !! Please visit: (music tab). Winner to be announced by the beginning of June 2006 ! The song featured in top 5 is "Catwalk".

These Vintage Freques also have been selected to be one of 24 bands that will be featured on a compilation CD. The CD will be in a sleeve which rests within the upcoming book written by Cutter Brandenburg which is about his time with Stevie Ray Vaughan and other artists during the time he was in the business. If you'd like to learn more about it feel free to visit Cutters website at: ( Ths song selected was "My '63" so look for the book to come out soon!

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Passionate and determined to succeed, these "Crazy Cat's” have put it all on the line to pursue their quest for eternal happiness. This trio from the valleys of Southern, Wisconsin performs groove-oriented music with original songwriting at the forefront of their creative realm. The drive and chemistry they posses is an image of times past as well as present. With an approach to style and sound that fuses Blues, Funk, Jazz, and Rock, these cat’s live with soulful impressions from artists such as: Hendrix ~ James Brown ~ SRV ~ Billy Joel, Zappa ~ Eric Johnson ~ Santana ~ Bel Airs ~ Zeppelin ~ Duarte ~ Galactic ~ Joe Cocker ~ Setzer ~ ZZ-Top, and the list is endless. It’s because of these influences that Vintage Frequency is able to treat their fans to an enjoyable and memorable experience with each performance.

Musically ~ Vintage Frequency


Not Another Masquerade

Written By: Joe Wilke

I see it comin, the scene has gotta change.

The industry is shaken, the people start to rage.

Get all the asses from Capital and Warner off the stage.

I wanna hear the next Zappa, not another Masquerade.


It sure ain't rock'n roll and it sure ain't fun.

This business got no soul and the cryin's all been done.

If you wanna change it, you gotta change what's inside.

Ahh - Turn off the anger and set all the greedy shit aside - Heeyyy


Aaaaahhhhh - Lip syncin honeys all around.

A business based on sight not sound.

Hey - Round'em up and throw'em in a ring.

That corporate evil don't mean a thing.


Turn off the T.V. - turn that F.M. down.

Crank up the party with a new wall of sound - heeeeee

Hey and let all the hero's from the past shine on through - Yeah.

It's time to make a change, using the past upon the new.

That's me and you baby.


My '63

Written By: Joe Wilke

She's my lady, she's my fix, she's
always there for me.

When I hold her she makes me feel right, my lady ~ lady of the night.

There's no time to bicker, there's no making plans, she's always with me when she's in my hands.

When I hold her she make me feel right, my lady ~ lady of the night.

No time to rest now, gonna strike up with the band. No time to rest now, I'm making love with my hands.

There's no week of whining, there's no up and down, & you best get out da way when the Soul'd Outs' in your town.

When I scold her & tell her to do right, my lady ~ makes me feel alright . . . . Ahhhh !


No time to rest now, gotta strike it up with the band.

No time to rest now, I'm making love with my hands.

There's no need for whining, there's no up and down, & you best get out da way when the Gig Rig' roll in your town

When I hold her she make me feel alright, my lady ~ lady of the night

POW ! ~ ~ ~ ~ Wooo - I feel Good


Debut CD titled "Soul'd Out" is complete. Track work and mix down production by John Houston at "Swamis Of The 3" and Joe Wilke. It was mastered by T-Bone Demman who has rivaled national competition with Platinum and Gold Records at Sonsongs Studio, Las Vegas NV.

Take a look at some of his past Grammy Award Winning Clients !

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All singles are being spun on radio and internet airwaves locally, nationally and globally in Madison, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, and Portions of Europe.

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Set List

Set lists consist mostly of original material. Cover material is definately a big part of the evening also as we pay homage to our inspirations and great ones who have paved the road before us.


We can either play 2 long sets or 3 short sets, depends on venue requirements.

Time also veries depending on venue requirements, but can go anywhere from a 45 to 60 minute slot as opener or a 90 to 180 minute slot as head liner.