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Vintage Radio Gods

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | INDIE

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Alternative


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(Live broadcast on 107.1 WRFN-LPFM & Online Radio Free Nashville,
Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2011)

K9 COLE: We are coming to you live. This is WRFN-LP, Pasquo, TN. This is K9 Cole...with the Rockinbilly Hot Rod & Blues Review. And special guests on our show tonight are gonna be 2 members of the Vintage Radio Gods, so we've got a lot of things going on tonight. Jump on in there and say hello.

CHRIS HATTER: Hello everyone.

K9: Introduce yourself to everybody.

CHRIS: Alright. My name's Chris Hatter. I'm the guitarist for Vintage Radio Gods and in a minute we'll be joined by Nick Hatter, he's the drummer.

K9: Alright. And actually in a little while, too, we're gonna be...having a guest co-host tonight as well. She'll be here in a little while.

CHRIS: Cool.

(Nick walks in.)

K9: Come on in, man, we're good!

CHRIS: Here he is!

K9: We've got a lot of things in store for you...

(Music break)

K9: And we have...our new guest co-host in the studio tonight Right now she's here with us. Savannah - say hi.

SAVANNAH: Hi everybody.

K9: How are you doing?

SAVANNAH: I'm good.

K9: Ready for tonight?

SAVANNAH: Oh yeah!

K9: Cool! ...Well, we've got a lot of things going on...guys - tell us about this CD we've got right now.

NICK HATTER: Alright, uh, this was from the 4th of July of this year at a private party, at...a mansion in East Nashville. And we're gonna be old -

CHRIS: Thin Lizzy.

NICK: ...Thin Lizzy song called 'The Rocker'.

K9: Ah, Thin Lizzy! Great band - one of my favorites!

NICK: Yeah - love 'em!

CHRIS: Oh yeah!

K9: So, uh - man you guys. How long has it been since you guys have been here in the studio? Couple of years?

CHRIS: Mmm, yeah.

NICK: About 2 years.

CHRIS: Yeah, it was right before we got our (then) new bass player (Clayton Griffin).

K9: Yeah - cool, cool! Well, you know what we're gonna do...I wanna play this song that you just talked about then we're gonna come back and talk to you about it and uh - we'll go from there. But this is gonna be a good song 'cause I know Thin Lizzy.

CHRIS: Oh yeah!

(Vintage Radio Gods' cover of Thin Lizzy 'The Rocker' plays.)

K9: That sounded really good!

SAVANNAH: That was great.That was great music.

CHRIS: Thank you.

SAVANNAH: Uh, so which one of you in the band is a Thin Lizzy fan?

NICK: We all are, you know, big Thin Lizzy fans. Uh, but Jason (Fox)'s idea when he came in - he's like, "I really wanna do 'The Rocker'. I love that song - it's a great opening song!". So it was like, "Yeah! Why not?" And so, we started opening up the gigs with that song.

SAVANNAH: Right, right. So where is uh - Jason at tonight?

NICK: He is probably working right now. (laughs)

SAVANNAH: Probably.

NICK: Probably. That or drying out!


K9: I kinda think...the drying out part is gonna be it!

NICK: Yeah, the latter - not the former?

K9: Yeah, yeah! And I still think he's probably drying out from when we filmed the TV show. (laughing)

NICK: Yeah, oh gosh!

K9: Yeah - that was a day! We had - that was a good time!

NICK: Free booze!

K9: Yeah -

NICK: I mean - what are you gonna do with free booze?

K9: And we're gonna have to talk about a minute. And I wanna give you guys a heads-up on that and everything...then we're gonna come back something else.

(Music break including a live recording of Vintage Radio Gods 'This World Is Mine')

K9: Oh, yeah! A little Vintage Radio Gods for you with 'This World Is Mine'.

SAVANNAH: So, I have a question. Why did you choose the group name?

CHRIS: Um, that was Jason that had that name. I guess it comes from liking the more vintage style music like 60' know, a little bit of 70's. Of course, I'm into the 80's a lot.

SAVANNAH: Mmm hmm, right.

CHRIS: But just, you know, different styles of music that goes back to the 60's.

SAVANNAH: Ok. And 'This World Is Mine', what gave you guys the inspiration for the song? And who wrote the song?

CHRIS: That was me who wrote that song. I don't know - I was just mad one day (laughs), and it just kind of came from...someone wanted to insert themselves into my life and then wanted to take it over. So I was like, "You know what? If you you're gonna invite yourself into my world, then..." - and that's where the title comes in.

SAVANNAH: This is your world.

CHRIS: Yeah.

SAVANNAH: Mmm hmm, ok. Makes sense!

K9: Man, you guys have got a lot of good stuff, I know you do -

CHRIS: Appreciate it!

K9: 'Cause I've heard most of it.

CHRIS: Yeah.

K9: Matter of fact - we've got another CD that we can put on here, too, 'cause we've got more songs to play. I really wish you guys could've played live tonight.

CHRIS: Yeah.

K9: We're gonna have to bring you back and do that.

SAVANNAH: Another night?

CHRIS: Oh, yeah - definitely!

K9: 'Caus - (Live broadcast on 107.1 WRFN-LPFM & Online Radio Free Nashville, Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2011)


Destination Nowhere- LP, Royal Palm Records 2008, 2009

"Last of Days"
"Life on the Interstate"
"Reign of Destiny"
"Too Late"
"Merry Go Round"
"Made Me"
"Burn Out"
"She'll Never Know"



Vintage Radio Gods is a high-energy rock band based in Nashville, TN. They know what Rock and Roll is and they bring it to the studio and the stage. Vintage Radio Gods’ sound is rooted in classic and progressive rock. They lay a great rock foundation and build a wall of sound on top. Some of the band's influences include Pearl Jam, Rush, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Gin Blossoms, and Black Sabbath.

Energetic front man Jason Fox has a rocker's voice, and the soul necessary to back it up. When Jason takes the stage, everyone knows it. Jason is a stage veteran, and knows how to get a crowd amped!

Lead guitar guru Chris Hatter skillfully sustains the magic with wicked licks and leads. Chris takes his Nashville sound and adds dynamite to it. Chris is technically masterful on the guitar, and knows how to shred.

Clayton Griffin, of Memphis, TN, is a seasoned bass player in various genres of music. Clayton brings his own personal version of the “Memphis groove”. His personality in the rhythm section brings new depth and dimension to the band, and new possibilities for the growth.

Finally, the engineer driving this Rock-n-Roll train is drummer Nick Hatter. Nick is the heartbeat, and the life blood of the band that delivers the beats holding it all together and takes the band and the audience to the dark side and back again.

All members are gifted song writers and musicians, who bring something new, original, and fresh to the Nashville area, and are ready to take the band onto the National scene.

Here is their story…

Brothers Chris and Nick Hatter were born and raised in London, KY into a musical family and both took an early interest in music. At age 7 Chris got his first drum kit. For the next 5 years, he played drums every day, and developed his natural rhythm. At age 12 his parents gave him an electric guitar and he would spend hours locked in his room listening to records and the radio trying to learn and play along with his favorite songs.

By 1998, Chris was playing music with other guitarists in London, and he began to learn song structure and composition skills. During this period, Chris also learned how to play bass. His collaboration with local musicians would eventually lead to his first job as a bassist the rock band Nightshift in 2000. From 2000 to 2003, Chris gained some early recording experience with various local bands that never fully materialized, but he continued to chase his dream.

Chris’ younger brother Nick Hatter was given a small drum kit at the age of 5 and would sit for hours playing along with records and tapes. By the age of 10 he was playing a full-size kit and joined his middle school band. His skills improved and he was soon surpassing many of his band mates and peers. Nick's band instructor was amazed to find out Nick was completely self-taught. Nick later joined his school Jazz band to extend his range of styles. The following year, Nick was promoted to a competition band that took first place in a national contest. Nick played on and off with local musicians in London until he was recruited by his brother Chris in 2004.

In 2004 Chris was playing guitar for a band known as Jagged, a local country/rock band. The band’s drummer quit and Chris called on his brother Nick to take the spot. Like the other bands in London, Jagged struggled and ultimately split up. Chris and Nick began to use their talents in studio sessions and occasionally sitting in on live performances. The brothers performed with a band known as B&A during the 2005 Nashville Songwriters Festival on Music Row. They returned from Nashville triumphant after making a huge impression on musicians and audiences in the area. B&A brought the Hatter brothers on as permanent members and the band continued to play shows and managed to build a modest fan base. But just as the buzz around the band started to rise, so did the tensions among the members and by early 2006 Chris & Nick exited B&A.

Chris and Nick immediately formed their own band known as Arcainum [(R-K-num) Story of the name to follow]. They soon recorded demos that would lead to the new band’s self-titled debut album. Chris reluctantly took on the vocal responsibility for the group. After several attempts at building a full band, Chris and Nick grew tired of the lack of serious musicians in London, KY. By 2007, The Hatters decided to move to Nashville, TN to find Arcainum’s missing pieces.

A few weeks after moving to Nashville, Chris and Nick began to audition singers and picked up where they left off in KY. After another year and a number of shows with various singers, they continued their search. Then Jason Fox, an energetic singer from Baltimore, MD answered an Internet ad for an audition.

Jason Fox was born in Albany, NY and grew up listening to hip-hop and Michael Jackson. As a kid, he was known to use his break dancing skills (and a cardboard box) to earn money for junk food. At th