Vintage Railway

Vintage Railway


We are a professional, original Country/Roots/Rock Band, and have been so since 2009. We draw from country, bluegrass, folk & rock. We pride ourselves in delivering music & performances that are both Visually and Audibly stimulating. Winning over fans is what we do best!


Originally on two different musical paths, Ashley Alford and Lucas Hunter got together in 2009. With an impressive 18 years as professional musicians, Vintage Railway is hitting the ground running. As solo artists their diversity ranged from country, folk and blues to pop and rock. What they found in each other is an incredible Hit-writing chemistry, a vocal powerhouse and a business minded team with vast experiences in the different sectors of this ever changing music industry.
Vintage Railway is sure to become a household name in Canada, leading a new path in the genre of Roots Rock.


As a new band they are recording their EP in September 2010 with an Album scheduled for recording in the summer of 2011.

As solo artists they have sold over 55,000 records!

Songs will be available on Jango Radio beginning in 2011

Set List

45-60 minutes of original material.
60-80 minutes of covers.