Melody-driven scandinavian folk made into surreal, crystalline soundscapes via layers of voice, cello and home-made instruments. The debut (out April 2010 on Kora Records) is a collection of fables, all waltzes.


"Vinter" means winter in swedish. It is the songwriting project of O. Lindefelt, experimental cellist, sound artist and composer from the arctic north of Sweden (currently in exile in Malmö). The lead voice and songwriter for The LK (played SXSW in 2008, 7.9 on Pitchfork, now disbanded), he now focuses on solo work, film music as well as occupying 50% of the experimental folk outfit Fredrik.



Written By: O. Lindefelt


staying outside
as winter takes flight
we quiver and fold on power lines
everyone's new at the heart
and makes do
with a longing
to break the fall from you

wave into bloom
on a silvery spoon
adrift at the head of an air balloon
spreading the flu
the love of the few
and anger when anger's due

in fountains of snow
we'll rise as we go
we'll wave our goodbye to the towns below
'til we come true
we'll remain marabous
starving like dreamers do


The debut album "Various Beasts between Here and Molokai" is in mid-recording and only a few demos and samples are available for your listening pleasure. I will upload more content throughout november and december.

Set List

My sets so far have been 20-30 minutes.