Peterborough, New Hampshire, USA

"Imagine a classic R&B voice like those of Sam Cooke or Al Jarreau singing a cappella over a boisterous percussion troupe and you might get a hold on Vinx's's his yearning voice, alternately full of both anguish and joy, that makes you listen." ~ MODERN DRUMMER


International recording artist and Berklee College of Music educator, Vinx is as close as you'll find to a 21st century Renaissance Man. From world class athlete, recording the 2nd longest triple jump in the world and chosen for the U.S. Olympic Team 1980, to founder and visionary of the acclaimed Songwriter's Soul Kitchen workshops, he has followed his mother's advice, "You can't sing of life unless you live it!" Vinx has performed with such notable artists as Ernie Watts, Sting, Stevie Wonder, Cassandra Wilson, Rickie Lee Jones and Taj Mahal. Known to music fans as a percussionist and vocalist (One Man, One Voice, One Drum) his music is classified by some as jazz, by some as world music and by others as soul. There is no denying that it remains accessible to a wide variety of audiences for the very reason that it reflects the wealth of his experience and breadth of his interests.

“I could hear every nuance and inflection of his baritone voice swooping and soaring through melodies that had me open mouthed, gaping in that telling combination of wonder and envy that great artists sometimes provoke. This is a rare talent.” ~ STING

"Vinx is the gift you give to someone that you really care about." ~ STEVIE WONDER


Rooms In My Fatha's House
I Love My Job
The Storyteller
Lips Stretched Out
Big 'N' Round
Demos ~ the stolen sessions
The Mood I'm In
Little Drummer Boy
Grits & Pate
Groove Exotica
50 Memoirs of a Hip Ole' Black Man, Vol. 1
50 Memoirs of a Hip Ole' Black Man, Vol. 2.13
50 Memoirs of a Hop Ole' Black Man, Vo. 3 ~ coming 2010

Various album credits including: "Blue Light Til' Dawn" with Cassandra Wilson, "Soul Cages" with Sting, "Conversation Peace" with Stevie Wonder, "Musican" with Ernie Watts

Various songwriting credits:
~ Tom Jones "Touch My Heart"
~ Coca Cola Corp. "I Like The Sprite In You"
~ Spider Man, Boston Globe
~ Germany, "Bounty" candy bars
~Will Downing
~The Lion King "Digga Tunnah"
~Hootie & The Blowfish

Film credits:
"Baby" ~ Touchstone Films
"Boomerang" ~ Eddie Murphy
"Northern Exposure" ~ TV
"In Living Color" ~ TV

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