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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Favourite Bits: Review of Vinyl Black Stilettos"

Another little review of you this Tuesday on a band I saw before Christmas at Candy Bar. Where else would it be really. There’s nothing like some good music, screaming lesbians and cheap tequila.

I’d heard of the Vinyl black stilettos before as their song the Games was played on LipService and so pretty much every lesbian had too. And if you haven’t, you need to have a look at the video for Electrical because it’s enough to make you grab you rwoman and not leave the bedroom for twelve hours.

Laura fronts the band and really puts her all her energy into the performances when she’s singing or playing her guitar. The audience respond to it well especially copying her stance or dance moves throughout the songs. When they started singing all the words to Electrical, shouting out the dirty words loudly it made for a brilliant atmosphere.

I would describe their music as a bit Yeah Yeah Yeah’s esque if they’d mated with GoldFrapp and had Florence as a Godmother. The guitar riffs are incredible and every song has an amazing beat in the intro. Or screaming voices from the keyboard making their sound really unique. Their songs are relatable and one girl turned around when Straight Ahead was being played and said ‘I wish I could sing some of these lyrics to my ex.’

With a front girl that looks the part dressed in black studded jumper girls can get pretty wild. And I’m jealous because if I tried to wear a studded jumper I would end up with dust, leaves and maybe the odd squirrel stuck on them. There was a lot of girls shouting out to her, requesting songs, and answering her questions. When she took off her jumper and said ‘it’s getting hot in here,’ some voice from the back shouted out ‘get naked.’ Such is a Candy Bar audience.

I think on a bigger stage the sound that this band could create would be immense. But even on a little one there were lesbians crammed in wall to wall in every nook and cranny to see them. And girls piling up afterwards to talk or get photos. An amaze balls voice, a skilled keyboardist, a very enthusiastic drummer, a crazy guitarist and some laptop noise and dark lipstick thrown in. Well worth a ticket to their next gig.

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"Short reviews"

"Very professional, easy to produce and work with"
Pete Gleadall
(Pet Shop Boys, also worked with U2, Take That, Madonna, George Michael)

"Shooting the latest promo for the band was a fantastic experience. Being their first video, we were completely blown away with how professional they all were on the day"
Darius Norowzian
Director - RSA Films & Television

"We loved the band and had so much fun with them.
They played a very cool, powerful concert and the guests loved them so much" Sandra Boettger
Artist Manager/Promoter - L-Beach Festival

Really enjoyed working on 4 new tracks making up an EP from Vinyl Black Stilettos. Some really great tracks and good mixes which were a joy to work on. With Pete and Laura attending we dived into the mixes with EQ and pulled out some really punchy and exciting sounding electro-vibed dance tracks.
Personal favourites for me on the EP are "ELECTRICAL" and "NEW STAR". Here's hoping the rest of the world agree and enjoy some really well produced catchy dance anthems.

Mike Marsh
Mastering Engineer
(Mastered hits for Oasis, Daft Punk, Depeche Mode, Massive Attack and more) The Exchange Mastering Studios - VBS


EP: “You Want Her - You Love Her”
Release Date: March 2011
Label: L-Elektro Records 2.0 Produced by Robert Harder


1. The Game 3:35
2. You Want Her, You Love Her 4:17
3. The Hook Up Song 3:52
4. You Like Her Cos She's Sweet 4:03

?EP: “Electrical”
Release Date: 2012
Label: L-Elektro Records 2.0 Produced by Pete Gleadall


1. London Skanks 3:41
2. New Star 3:37
3. Straight Ahead 3:44
4. Electrical 4:27



Laura Dre - Lead singer, composer, songwriter, bass, guitar. Laura has always been compelled to make music; with punk sensibilities and a burning desire to "make people jump" it was only natural that she'd eventually end up forming an electro-punk band. Finding the right mix of talent and dedication hasn't been easy. Starting out she left her European home for LA and spent time in a mix of bands, falling into a music scene that was more focused on the lifestyle than the music. Couple that with the fact that LA is much more interested in Hip-Hop and Metal than a hybrid electro style, Laura knew it wasn't the place for her. With that in mind, and the knowledge that Europe has always had a passion for techno, she picked up and headed to London, determined to form a tight band, with a difference.

Jay Newman - Keyboard and Synthesizer. Jay has been with the band since it started in 2009. Prior to joining Vinyl Black Stilettos, he played and toured with various bands and supported the likes of Deep Purple. When asked about his past, in true rock star style he said "its just history".

Andy Joseph - Drummer. Andy, a very skilled and talented drummer has been with the band since 2011. He holding a bachelors degree in music performance from the drum tech school.

Austin Davey - Guitarist. Austin has been with the band since late 2012 and has been the new asset to Vinyl Black Stilettos. His guitar sounds are adding a new atmosphere to the bands existing songs. Truly catchy and more with rock edge now is the new format.