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Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Rock


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"Vinyl Candy "The Dirty Third""

Vinyl Candy "The Dirty Third"
The Los Angeles based band continues it's musical quest on Dirty Third, to take the influences of arena rock and make it their own. Unlike the concept approach of the last album, this is more a collection of singles and with a distinct melancholy mood. "Human" opens up things with multiple synth lines and the band's classic riffs. Both "Fallen" and "Ghost of You" have great sorrow behind the piano and guitar crescendos. The band tries many different instrumental key changes to contrast with vocalist, Matt Corey's croon. Some work well ("California Georgia") and some don't ("Shine"). Standout tracks include the energetic "On Again Off Again" and "Love Is Too Far Gone" is a triumph of style with its pounding keys and harmonic choruses. One cannot argue that Corey and the band puts their soul into the music, but the complex arrangements leave less room for those juicy hooks that I heard in past albums. Fans of Butch Walker, Muse, KISS and other 70's styled rock icons should welcome Dirty Third onto their playlist without hesitation. You don't find musical quality like this everyday, so don't miss it. - Powerpopaholic

"Review: Vinyl Candy “Dirty Third”"

Everyone’s favorite California power pop band is back with their third release, aptly titled “Dirty Third”. The third part is obvious, but the “dirty” part also applies, as this record strikes me as a tad darker than the band’s first two releases, which required sunglasses they were so bright and sunny. I’m not saying that Vinyl Candy has gone Goth or anything, but let’s just say some of the songs feel more partly cloudy than previous efforts. And that is not necessarily a bad thing.

“Human” kicks things off, exploring human nature as only Vinyl Candy does – with an optimistic perspective. It is a rapid reminder why we love Vinyl Candy so much – instantly memorable choruses, compelling chord changes, and plenty of 70s-styled bubble gum harmonies. “Fallen” follows and, while not quite as remarkable, will appeal to members of the Vinyl Candy army. Then the clouds move in with a haunting ballad appropriately entitled “Ghost Of You” – some fans are going to dig this change of pace from the band, but others will want to skip to more predictable fare like “I Want To Be Just Like You” or “Shine”. “Just Another Movie” is a ballad bookended with a sparse acoustic arrangement with an eruption of electric guitar in the middle – the dynamics keep this song engaging. One of things I enjoyed about this track was how well Matt Corey’s vocals are suited to the acoustic sound. “On Again Off Again” is another highlight with a signature sing-a-long chorus. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Vinyl Candy record without a song about their home state, and the driving “California Georgia” does the job this time out.

Just in time for Halloween, Vinyl Candy’s “Dirty Third” is another bag of sweet treats – and a few tricks. - Bill Sullivan Jr

"Vinyl Candy “Land”"

I just ate up the debut CD from retro popsters Vinyl Candy. Now they have returned with the sophomore effort, “Land”. Like its predecessor, “Land” is drenched in Southern California sunshine, radiating with lush harmonies and sparkling melodies. There are all sorts of sweets in the Vinyl Candy bowl, flavors of bubblegum pop, psychedelic rock, pop rock, and more.

The musicianship, production, and vocals are amazing, dressing up songs that Roger Joseph Manning, Jr. himself probably wishes he’d written. Each song goes the extra mile to create a unique listening experience, but still play cohesively from track 1 to track 13. No matter what they do, Vinyl Candy has a distinct retro sound that classic pop fans will love to sink their teeth into.

In addition to the slick pop, “Land” also showcases more of a hard rock side to Vinyl Candy, as evidenced on tracks like “Fan Club History” and “Star Struck” that bring a little 70s-era Kiss to mind. The lead off track “I’ll Be Fine” is my favorite, but you’d be remiss to miss the excellent “All Along the Way”, “Gasoline and Tangerines”, and “Learn How To Fly”. I also liked the more laid back and stripped down (for Vinyl Candy, at least) ballad, “Want It So Bad”.

“Land” is a concept album about a rock star’s rise and fall, yet it is just impossible to listen to these grand and sunny songs without feeling better…and they are so catchy that the tunes and your good mood will last long after the last note is heard. Check out Vinyl Candy if you like Queen, Jellyfish, or ELO. - Bill Sullivan

"Vinyl Candy "Land""

Southern California's Vinyl Candy has followed up the stellar "Pacific Ocean Park"with another rock and roll gem. The quartet here is Jim Leber, Matt Corey, Michael "WessC" Wessner, and Justin "JD" Brinsfield. The band has a distinct mid 70's-era rock sound that mines influences like Queen, Bay City Rollers and Todd Rundgren pretty effectively. This album is also best compared to Imperial Drag with rock guitars paving the way for sticky pop sweetness. Opening with summery melody of "I'll Be Fine (Part 1)" it has the reverb heavy guitars and Moog synths supporting the chiming harmonies in the chorus. The song moves seamlessly to "Fan Club History" with a Kiss-like ferocity in dense rock guitars and a heavy synth solo. "Chasing Time" is an fine mid-tempo pop example with a heavenly chorus and thick bass lines. "Gasoline & Tangerines" is another gem that tells more of the narrative of a life and possible death on the road. It can get close to the edge when all the varied loud sounds drown out the hooks ("Learn How To Fly"), but this is few and far between. "StarStruck" really comes closest to that Imperial Drag stabbing synth sound. The group has awesome vocal chemistry here, especially on the highlight "Want It So Bad." The album ends with a slow "pub" version of the opener in "I'll Be Fine (Part 2)." The theme of the album is the story of a rock star named "Land" and his rise to fame and ruin. It took a few listens to get the full linear story, but it flows nicely. Certainly this album should put Vinyl Candy on the rise to fame for sure. - Aaron


Pacific Ocean Park (2004)
Land (2009)
The Dirty Third (2010)



Vinyl Candy is a Los Angeles based California Modern Rock Band.
With influences ala Muse, Neon Trees, Butch Walker.
We self produce our own music and music videos.
We write and produce for others.
Since 2004 we have released 3 albums to rave reviews.
Currently we are promoting our 3rd album titled "The Dirty Third".
We play live. We kick ass.