Vinyl Contrast

Vinyl Contrast


Catchy and innovative rock with a hint of funk. Upbeat but relaxing songs that will make you think..."Wow that's different, but cool." Songs that will make you groove with melodic melodies and heartwarming riffs. A clash of sounds causing a musical explosion.


Some describe Vinyl Contrast's musical fusion as innovative and revolutionary as Dave Matthews Band or vintage Red Hot Chili Peppers. The quartet joined together in the summer of 2008 and their extensive knowledge from a variety of musical genres have allowed them to bring a new sound to their musical creations. Founders, Matt and Rémi have been writing and playing together for 7 years. The two are on a musical wavelength that are shared by only a few but joined with Alex and Karlan, the band creates a musical explosion. Karlan has had a lifetime background in musical theater which landed him the lead role of Pseudolus in his high school's recreation of the musical "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum." Alex has had extensive music theory and ear training and has been apart of many local jazz bands over the last 6 years, along with many years on guitar and bass.

After a few short months together, the band wrote, recorded and released a debut four song disc titled "The Velvet Sessions". With this first recording under their belt, they show no sign of slowing down. The band is currently planning a national campus radio campaign as well as a viral marketing campaign in the U.S to expand outside their northern boarders into a whole new world. Along with this, VC is also working on a follow up to "The Velvet Sessions" with a six track EP that is planned for commercial release in the fall of 2009. With the unyielding work ethic that the band shows, it has lead to many contacts with many major professionals from many aspects of the music industry. Linda Dawe of Music Solutions Inc. describes the band for having "an acid funk/retro rock sound with epic songs." The band also has worldwide online distribution through Bullseye Records Canada

The band strives to create something that sounds different from modern day music. They write about real life situations and every word of lyric is the honest truth. The subject matter of everyday life inspires the band to create music that many people can relate to. Always playing whenever possible, Vinyl Contrast is always improving, racing to be the best band they can be. They are definitely a band that has the aggression to be an audible force within this endless changing industry.

"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality"

- John Lennon

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Written By: Vinyl Contrast


Cruel selection
Of our kind
Playing dirty tricks to try and find

All those things
So far away
From this birds eye view
I see everyday

Come and get me
Set me free
From this cruel world
And its misery

It’s like a prison
When I’m here
Time to just get out
And disappear


I’m making a resolution
For people to hear my song
And for the people goin’ nowhere
I’m staging a revolution, to evolution

Verse 2:

Paper lights
Catch the sounds
Hide the secrets of the outlaw underground

And deceit
I’d rather stand free
Then be forced into my seat

Come and help me
And try and stay
Let’s go home, drink Pabst, smoke dope, and drift away

Red Eye Democracy

Written By: Vinyl Contrast


It started out as a perfect place, but I know it’s not what it seems
War is peace, clock strikes thirteen
Rules, guidelines, we act like fools
Cause we’re stuck in this place and we’re trying to break through
A new day comes tomorrow


Screaming from the mountain tops
All the good in my life has stopped
Lately things have been too rough
I think that we’ve all had enough


Oh in the sky, I see sunsets burnin’ and people learnin’
An army of idle sheep, wandering in the sunlight
Oh way up high, I see cities fallin’, society is crawlin’
Everyone is a raindrop, waiting for their turn to fall

2nd Verse:

Lookin through a hole the size of a needle, blue skies are peekin through
Bringing everything back to you
Open air, and open minds
Just look at what I’ve been able to find
Light the fire, burn old truths

2nd Pre-Chorus:

Introduction of martial law
Now everyone is just pissed off
They’ve all come to lock us up
But we just won’t give up


Written By: Vinyl Contrast

Verse 1:

Step on in
Now why don't you get your sin on, maybe
We can go damn crazy
I look at the clock more lately
Write it off
Why don't you take it off
Cause I'm sick of lying to you
No chance I'm crying for you


We've just begun but we've been unplugged
It seems to you that were hiding the truth
I can see, I can see, I can see where this is going
I'll behave, I'll behave, I'll behave When you come around

Verse 2:

Turn it up
Lets get down, down, down
Cause of yesterday, cause of yesterday
Changes made then, changes made now
Are coming my way
Defiant tone
Charming more than your own
Rest peacefully, rest peacefully
Seed of wisdom
Your example is set in stone
I see faces on the wall


Said once, said twice
You are my sole sacrifice


The Velvet Sessions EP to be released March 2009

Radio Airplay on National Campus Radio throughout Canada in the near future.

Set List

Set Lists vary from show to show. Depending on who our audience is and the venue we are playing. Our sets always contain our original songs, but whenever possible we like to mix with a couple covers as well. For an electric show, some covers would include songs from The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Matthew Good Band, Dave Matthews Band, Tokyo Police Club to as hard rock as Guns n' Roses and many more in between. Acoustic covers could include artists such as Jack Johnson and John Mayer ect. In the past we have put together sets from 20 minutes to two and a half hours...depending on the requirement for the show.