Vinyl Epitaph

Vinyl Epitaph

 Portland, Oregon, USA

Vinyl Epitaph is an original 3 piece rock outfit. We draw our influences from the early hammerings of classic rock to the modern clash of more progressive bands, in the studio and on the stage.


Vinyl Epitaph is a DIY band out of central Virginia. Over 8 years and several line-up changes, the main creative forces behind the music have remained intact and ever ready to bring REAL, ORIGINAL, MARKETABLE rock back to the front of the scene. The band has performed at venues and bars in the DC/Virginia/Maryland area and are continuing to branch out with each show and look for more people to share our sound. 


i and ii (2014)

Last (2010)

The Oxygen Guide EP(2009)


Twilight and Cigarettes EP

Set List

Our set typically runs from forty five minutes to an hour based on original material.

Setlist would potentially include:

  • Antique Snakes
  • Palladium
  • Cliffhangers
  • Maybe, the Robots
  • ...And Yet It Moves
  • Dark Suits, Swift Hands
  • #youthsale
  • Mohawk Blues
  • Keepsafe
  • Bison Junkie
  • In The Veins
  • Bruce Naked
  • Open Road
  • Spirit Ignition
  • Bellwether
  • Sirens