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Austin, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2004 | SELF

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2004
Band Rock Alternative


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The contagious rhythm of the band "Vinyl Laranja" promises to shake up the "Conexão Cultural Live" this Friday (19th) at 11am, with the CD release of "RoosterIllusion" with live transmission on TV, Radio and Portal Cultura website.
"Vinyl Laranja" is a band from Pará with sonic identity and rock'nroll attitude that punctuates the Brazilian music made with quality and competence. Formed by Andro Baudelaire, Saul Smith, Bruno Folha and Lucas VH, the group achieved national and international recognition by winning the third edition of the "CCAA Fest" and performing at renowned festivals such as Ponto CE (CE-BRA), Calango (MT-BRA) and South bySouthwest (TX - USA).
The band promises to shake the public of "Conexão Cultural" with songs like "Mr. Blue Sky "," Maryanne "," To Love "and" Our prays are not just essays. "
Who also participates in the program is the singer, Natalie Matos, who talks about the "Deezer ABMI new talent 2014" award. Natalia is a finalist for the Northern region.
Do not miss! The program airs from 11am to 12pm, live on TV, Radio and Portal cultura website. Presented by Lucas Padilla and produced of Regina and Beto Silva Fares. - Portal Cultura

Band captained by Andro Baudelaire, Vinyl Laranja releases, this Friday (19), the album Rooster Illusion, live. The realease comes in program Conexão Cultural broadcast from 11am on radio, TV and Portal Cultara website. The has already festival appearances such as Grito Rock Cuiabá and South by Southwest, Traditional hosted event in Austin, Texas (USA), which brings together artists from different languages ​​and different places of the world.

         Besides the CD release, tomorrow will also the exibicion of the video "To Love", from the band's new album. The video is part of the Festival de Audio Visual de Belém, and competes in the Competition of video clips in the categories of best production, direction, editing, screenplay, photography, art direction and music video. For those who want to check the show starts at 18:15 at Cine Olympia.

        Who has not heard the "Rooster Illusion" can click on Deezer or Soundcloud.

        Check out the video for "To Love":

The original press in Portuguese is available in: - Se Rasgum Produções

The rock music scene in the northern region may not be very well known by most of the national audience, but it is certainly one of the most prolific and vigorous country. On Friday (14), the band Vinyl Laranja, one of the most important names of this panorama, released for free hearing their new album, titled Rooster Illusion.
The project is headed by Andro - The excellent member of the Baudelaires, the group with their latest album entered the national list of best albums of 2013 that I have Drives More Friends! - And is now on the road for more than nine years. Also, have played the South by Southwest festival and were living and touring in Texas, in the United States for four months.
Soon, Rooster Illusion will be released for download and released on physical version. The video for the track "To Love", first single from the record, featured direction Moyses Cavalcante and Simone Moura and can also be viewed below.

*Original Press in Portuguese -

Formed in 2004, the Vinyl Laranja is well known for its irreverence and unexpected attitudes that punctuate the post rock done competently by the band currently consists of Andro Baudelaire, Saul Smith, Bruno Folha and Wagner Nugoli. The group has an EP (If She Ask) and two albums (Unfaceless Bride and Rooster Illusion), has performed at festivals like South by Southwest, and has known songs from Pará public as "Tharuell", "Jaws", "Maryanne" and "to Love", and had recently released video clip.

*Original Press in Portuguese - Portal Cultura

Being by the originality and diverse sounds or the buzz among the more than 100 bands entered, the third edition of "Seletivas Se Rasgum" is gaining contours of a great festival and confirms the good moment of Pará music. Sixteen finalists were selected by a jury composed of professionals in the Music industry and will battle for four spots in VI Se Rasgum Festival, scheduled for the 18th, 19th and 20th of November in Belém. The event is sponsored by Conexão Vivo through Lei Semear and Petrobras, through the Raunet Law.

Will be two nights of shows selective with eight bands each. They compete for the votes of the public and a panel of experts, sharing the stage with two national headlines bands: Cachorro Grande (RS) on the first night, and Otto (PE) in the second. The last night is the official launch of the VI Festival Se Rasgum and will be crowned with the dissemination of national and international attractions this year. The tryouts take place on 10 and 17 September at the African Bar

The 16 finalists selected by the judges of the sectionals are: BR69, Carimbó Cobra Coral, Crisantempo, Juca Breech & Cristal Reggae, Roots Magdalene, Maquine, Charming design, Ruwa, Sambiose, Sound Pau Oco, Strobo, The Baudelaires, The Lay, trance , VN (Nightlife) and Vinyl Orange. More information about sectionals can be examined on site

*Original Press in Portuguese - O Liberal

- I wouldn’t be surprised if I find out that you guys met in a bathroom and decided to start band. But I think it unlikely. So account as there was.
- In the very fisrt your sound remember bands of the independent U.S. radio stations that rolled into university. What you grew up listening to a CD? And then, when you rediscovered vinyl?
- Man, we listen many things ... I quote a short list: Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Beatles, The Cure, Blink 182, Frank Sinatra, Strokes, Johnny Rock Star, U2 and many other things ... (I. J.'s: it’s explained?) Uh, uh ... Arcade Fire is pretty cool too.
- And why the letters are in English? You think of composing in the native language or fuck the native language? Besides, why the hell is the name in Portuguese? And what was the thing with this orange vinyl?
- Well .. the lyrics are in English simply cause it better flow to us this way. I do not say fuck it to our language, but for now we are in a row and do not want to break (let's compose in French and German soon). The name arose because of tapioca with butter and orange juice, put, is obvious. Without forgetting the film back to the future and Clockwork Orange.
- Difficult to do this in Bethlehem, right? Alternative rock. And in English ... the outside is the path, starting with Guyana?
- Holy cow, we think and dream of going out a loooot to show our work outside our territory. We believe, at times, it might even be easier out. Belém has great bands, but with many difficulties (which are only overcome when it goes up a stage, because it is worth). We expect help from outside and opportunities to grow increasingly. We just want to do rock'n'roll forever.
- having a small wiener influenced the decision to start a band? By the way ... what the fuck was that in Mormaço? Heat (cold?) Or rock? And I will not say that size does not make a difference ...?
- The Mormaço was a really cool show, I performed an old dream. These things happen in Vinil (realize dreams). We like to nestle in, and I am in favor of nudism. We're just living this life, you know? We want to play to break the ivory dads and not win. Things happen on stage. MANY THINGS. As they say: "when nothing makes sense, turn my fiancee and make love to me." The Saul (The Lion) always gets me with that phrase. And, hey ... My wiener is not small (7cm). It's normal.
- Yes, yes. It was not the first time you have a great show on stage. The performance counts a lot over the presentations of you. Where in bed, it would be self-explanatory. But, damn it, the music of you is big, has greatness. Why is it then?
- We don’t choose when we will do beautiful things (crazy to others), we always try to compose giving the maximum of our potential, ALWAYS. We are super friends and this help so much at all, we want to play and play. I think we do for fun, self-satisfaction and for the audience too.

*Original Press in Portuguese - Portal Rock Press


Festival which began with 77 groups announced only two winners

With a big a panel of music by new bands in Belém, the third edition of CAAC Fest ended Saturday night in the Theater Margarida Schivasappa in the Centur, with two big winners: the bands Vinil Laranja and Tenebrys, identified respectively as first and second places. The Vinil Laranja won the right to burn a CD on seal Ná Records, and was rewarded with Tenebrys a valley-shopping (musical instruments) in Photo Keuffer. Entries to the CAAC Fest was started to be made in June, with 98 bands entered, and in July a hearing was held from 77 bands in the school of music G2. All 77 won a DVD of the hearing, and of that total went 15 for finalíssima, which show the band had Bobo's Court, winner of the festival last year.
The Vinil Laranja already has story to tell. The name of the band arose from the fact that the musician Saul had a grandmother who lived in Portugal, where you had an area with orange trees. One day, the guys of the band went to her house, and a vinyl copy of the father of Saul, from anyone unless Michael Jackson, painted the name Vinil Laranja, account as the lead singer and guitarist Andro Baudelaire. The band meets, in addition to Andro and Saul Smith on guitar, Andre 'Moicano' Medeiros drumming and on bass BrunoFolha. The Vinil Laranja has three years of road circuit in Pará and released a CD, always with the irreverence peculiar, as proof that the initiative in one of the shows, one of the components of the group had a strip-tease, and make the public turn into a delirium.
In the lyrics of the band, listeners find sexy girls, drinks and (believe) faceless brides and nuns who are killed in love cases. Of course, where such ideas come out - 'head', I received in response. In the best style Quentin Tarantino. The group seeks to hear everything, but mainly the bands Queens of the Stone Age, Pink Floyd, Korn and Foo Fighters.

*Original Press in Portuguese - Jornal O Liberal


Album Name: Vinil Laranja

Format: CD

Label: Na Music - New Amazonia’s Music

Release Date: 2006

Album Name: Shoot the Little Sister

Format: Download

Label: independent work

Release Date: 2009

Album Name: Unfaceless Bride

Format: CD

Label: Na Music - New Amazonia’s Music

Release Date: 2009

Album Name: If She ask.

Format: Download

Label: Compacto.REC

Release Date: 2011

Album Name: We had a glorious time

Format: Download

Label: independent work

Release Date: 2013

Album Name: Rooster Illusion

Format: CD

Label: Na Music - New Amazonia’s Music

Release Date: 2014



Live from the Brazilian Amazon, the rock band


Vinyl Laranja is an alternative rock band with a strong identity and striking Rock’n Roll attitude that completely challenges your notion of Brazilian music. Founded in 2004, back when the members were high school boys messing around on their guitars, Andro Baudelaire, Saul Smith, Bruno Folha and Lucas VH, have been performing together ever since.

After performing at nearly every pub and venue in their Amazonian hometown of Belém, thei band has become locally and nationally acknowledged. The band achieved national and international recognition by winning the third edition of the CCAA FEST with an original song, a Context to record at Nimbus School of Recording Arts, in Vancouver, and they have performed at renowned festivals such as Ponto CE (CE-BRA), Calango (MT-BRA) and SXSW (Austin, Tx-USA).

Vinyl Laranja has released three albums and three EPs throughout their career: Vinil Laranja(2005), Unfaceless Bride(2009), If she ask(2011), We had a glorious time(2013) and their latest work, Rooster Illusion(2014), which features 14 songs and promotional music video ‘To Love.’ The video was awarded Best Art Direction at the Festival of Audio Visual in Belém, Their songs "Maryanne", "Mr. Blue Sky" and "Our prays aren’t just essays" are all available for online listening at and downloadable on iTunes.

Showcasing bands such as Vinyl Laranja, represent both the diversity and universal appeal of Brazil’s new generation of artists.

(Tracy Mann, publicist with New York City-based MG Limited and SXSW consultant – SXSWorld Magazine)

I had a great time listening to Vinyl Laranja’s sixth release, Rooster Illusion. This cd has fabulous musical arrangements, wonderful vocal work, and contains a collection of fun songs. Although, this cd has 14 tracks, and I enjoyed them all, there are two tracks that stood out. Those two songs are Mr. Blue Sky and Maryanne. Both songs could easily make it on the radio with their catchy rhythms and lyrics. These lads from Brazil are definitely on the right track of the music scene with this release.“

(Al Homfeld - Music Dahl founder)

If local producers were not clever enough to grab the treasure they had, the people from the internationally acclaimed South By Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas, were. And Vinyl Laranja has a chance to become the first band from Pará to play at a gringo festival.”

(Caco Ishak – Journalist, founder and curator of the virtual urban art gallery baixocalã

The unexpected attitudes of the vocalist Andro, that even knelt while playing his guitar in their presentation, stirred the audience who witnessed another great moment of the authorial rock in the State of Pará


Perhaps you have not heard about Vinyl Laranja, but you should better pay attention to this name. The band, alongside other like Molho Negro and Turbo, forms the Growing Music Scene in the north.

(João Pinheiro -

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