Vinyl Moon

Vinyl Moon


Rock N' f***in roll. Vinyl Moon want to bring rock n' roll back to an indie dominated scene. A singer who can actually sing and doesn't whine, catchy riffs, face melting solo's that last more then 5 seconds and a drummer that will make your ears bleed. Vinyl Moon are rock n' roll


Together under the Vinyl Moon name for only 18 months now, the band were originally a four piece named Damnson. Enlisting the talent of their lead guitarist ShaneO who had played with drummer Luke a few years earlier, Vinyl Moon were born and swiftly recorded their first E.P. After a time away from gigging to work on a host of new material Vinyl Moon recently returned from recording their second E.P in London. They are a band looking to bring rock n' roll back and to shake up an indie dominated music scene. Vinyl Moon are back, bigger, better and louder then ever.


"What's Retro?", E.P. Recoreded in Kells with Martin Quinn of Turn.

Track Listing: 1: Like your Eyes

2: Coyote

3: All Night

Set List

Something in the Summer Wind
Catalonian Daze
So this is Heaven
In the City
All Night
Not for Love

The band also can play covers if needed by bands like Led Zeppellin, The Doors, Rory Gallagher, Creedance Clearwater Revival.

Typical sets range from 30 mins to and hour and up to two hours with covers.