Vinyl Oz

Vinyl Oz


Vinyl Oz has created a refreshed array of colour and sound which marries catchy blues licks with a modern pop bluebrint. Soaring melodies collide with an unpredictable yet charming rythym section to send a unique vibe through their first live EP, "Music Room Sessions"


Vinyl Oz puts on a great live show with dynamic and unpredictable songs. One minute the audience will feel their about to be hit by a freight train, the next minute they'll be sailing through the sky on their very own cloud 9. Vinyl Oz's influences range from pop music like the Kooks to blues rock like Hendrix, SRV and John Mayer. If you love a thrilling guitar solo both guitarists can deliver a tasteful and soothing melody, or a punch in the face soaring lead. Meanwhile, solid jazz-rock drums meet up with punctual bass lines to make your brain throb and keep your heart beating.


The Music Room Sessions Live EP

Set List

True Poverty
Never Peach
Talkin' to Joanie
Backdoor Number
Possibly Hopelessy
Wear it on Your Sleeves
War is just not a spectator's sport
Reggae Anne....
and many more
Little Wing - Hendrix (
Naive - The kooks
Try - John Mayer Trio
Slow Dancing in a burning room - John Mayer
Gravity - John Mayer
And many more
Note: We typically only play one or two covers in an hour and 15 minute set.