Vinyl Throwback

Vinyl Throwback


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It's not debatable that life can suck and blow. But along with the bad and the ugly, there are intermissions of good memorable times, starving to be great.
Much like the retro rock band Vinyl Throwback. It's all in the name. Not only giving tribute to their former fathers, the rock and roll kings; The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Scorpions, Bowie, and New York Dolls. Vinyl Throwback adds the vibrant color, to the black and white spectrum of music today. Finding much inspiration in the music from the 70's and 80's, when Rock and Roll meant good dirty fun, and get on your feet sound.

Vinyl Throwback first emerged out of the streets of Philadelphia, when singer Johnny Higgs erupted as "the epitome of rock". He collaborated with incendiary bass player - Colin. After jamming for some time, Morten G.P. came to the table - thrashing his six-string axe. Finally the puzzle was complete when drummer Demetrius, came into the mix - adding the force behind the saucy percussions. Forming a multi-dimensional unit of melodically raw, unmercifully talented guys.

The music speaks for itself. Vinyl Throwback isn't only about chords, melody, lyrics and range. They're about a good time. Letting go and being free in this life, we're all stuck in as time ticks, so contractedly around our necks. So loosen that rope, and climb on down as Vinyl Throwback takes your soul out for a drink.



Written By: Vinyl Throwback

Lower than the lowest low, lower than a limbo - I'm so low

I'm baritone, that's low - babe!

Turned you on - now your turned out, Pimp-slap, jacked up, debonair, heroin chic

You knew what you'd get from me - so why do you keep screaming?

You had a beautiful face - I fuckin' destroyed it

You had a beautiful taste - I went and polluted it - am I losing it

A one trick, disaster pony don't ride me

Giddy-up - get along, get behind the mule - hi yo silver

Giddy-up - you move along, another cattle call - why oh why oh.... Babe

Deeper than the deepest hole - hung out 'n strung out the rocky horror

Had to borrow - for temporary clarity - ode to charity babe

Kick it up - kick it on out, black rose now your exposed - with a snowy nose, twinkle in your toes

Oh that veinage - brainage - drainage

You had a beautiful face - fuckin' destroyed it

You had a beautiful taste, I went 'n diluted it, prostituted it

You one trick, disaster pony don't ride me

Mine as well call it your majesty - hooks are deep indeed, with no intentions to wanna land

Your waiting for your main man - look at that stride, look at that slide, I shudder - pistol packin, thriller killer! Why oh why oh....!

Down To Me

Written By: Vinyl Throwback

Glory holey far from lonely, not your only - I’ll wait in line....

3 months preggers - spreading leggers, doin’ favors on the side

A dirty box-spring mattress, sticky casting couch - your running your mouth, shout!

I don't even know you anymore - W-H-ore

CC-cold kind of lovin’ - cold kind of lovin’, Don't need that kind of lovin’ - seedy kind of lovin’

Cold - cold - cold - Torn ‘n tattered - hear the rumor goin’ round, Run around - turn around - run around, Came to believe

When you led I followed you, When you said hustle - man I carried on, You stroked me long.... - I’m down to me

When you bled I licked your wounds - When you were faithless, I was crown of thorns, Ya burnt me strong.... - I’m down to me!

Twistin’ slowly - rip ‘n roll me down your broken heart assembly line

Feel the wreckage heard the message - deception through the tele-line

Slurpin’ someone else’s spunk your trailer junk - so many had you - already had you killing me

There’s nothing to show you anymore - Got me a seasoned whore!

B-b-bold kind of lovin’ - bold kind of lovin’, Don't need that kind of lovin’ - seedy kind of lovin’

Bold - bold - bold, Torn ‘n tattered - hear the chatter goin’ round, Run around - turn around - run around - Came to believe

Spit your trash and tear it down - Tearin’ me down!


Written By: Vinyl Throwback

I’m tired as the word itself - I’m an actor who cant be no one but myself

Your showing me like no one else, could imagine and it’s - good to be on the receive end of that - To rely

I don't know why - angry comes by - making it all wrong

Sometimes I’m right - within reason

and I change my sights - just like seasons

doubt setting in and I’m over-due

But this much is true - I love ya like no-one else

could imagine and it’s - good to be on the giving end of that - Sugarpie

I don't know why - angry comes by

making it all wrong

Your making it all wrong

So don't ask me what’s wrong with me - what’s wrong with you?

In reply to you asking - I’m afraid that my answer is the same as you

What’s wrong with you?

Huddle here there’s color in the sky

gonna change my ways - I’ll never make you cry

No more - promise you no more - huddle

Huddle here as simple as a sigh

never go astray ‘cause you were hard to find

Oh-oh your one of a kind love!


3 Chord Bathroom Poetry, Vinyl Throwback vol.1

Set List

Our sets is normally from 35 min - 1h15min.

Some of our songs:

Don't Forget Yesterdays
Double Superfine
Down To Me
Drug 20s
Has Been
Lazer Light Show
Not Another Saturday Night
Save My Life
School Janitor Love
She Hates Mornings
Tweekerville Blues
Ya Happy?
3 Chords