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Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States | Established. Jan 01, 1989 | MAJOR

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States | MAJOR
Established on Jan, 1989
Band Metal Death Metal



The best kept secret in music



At the moment we are working a great re-issue of the debut LP “Expound And Exhord” from Viogression! We restored the album art, got tons of cool old school pictures and the album will get a remaster by Toneshed Recording Studio!
Viogression’s debut is one of the greatest early 90’s Death Metal albums you might have never heard. “Expound and Exhort” is full of great Death Metal that brings Obituary and earlier Death to mind.
We expect to release this one in march on 2-CD, LP, MC and digital!
CD 1
Expound And Exhort
1. Maggot Synod
2. Nothing (Psychomaniac Insanity)
3. Puritain Flames
4. Wind Of Death
5. Fragmented Carcass
6. Cross Spells
7. As You Die
8. Limb From Limb
9. Transmigration
10. Choir Of Loudun
11. Circle Of The Divine
12. Choir Of Loudun – The Chanting
CD 2
Execution Demo
1. Execution
2. Fleshlords
3. Nothing (Psychosomatic Insanity)
4. Survival Denial
Perception Blur Demo
5. Perception Blur
6. Thirst For Blood
7. Bare Wounds
8. Cryonic Death
9. Xglbits - Hammerheart Records

"A lost masterpiece of old-school US death metal."

A lost masterpiece of old-school US death metal. Kinda like a more lysergic, doom-oriented version of early Obituary.

Track listing:
1. Maggot Synod
2. Nothing (Psychosomatic Insanity)
3. Puritan Flames
4. Winds of Death
5. Fragmented Carcass
6. Cross Spells
7. As You Die
8. Limb from Limb
9. Transmigration
10. Choir of Loudun
11. Circle of the Divine
12. Choir of Loudun - The Chanting

Black space
Oblique nothing -

"Encyclopedia Metallum ~ A forgotten jewel"

Viogression’s debut is one of the great early 90s death metal albums but it never got any bigger attention. This was because the band signed to one of the most notorious rip-off labels at the time, Tombstone Records. However, this wasn't the only bad thing that happened. Viogression's American label Kraze folded during the first week of the band's tour with Death. This tour was meant to promote "Expound & Exhort". To add insult to injury, Tombstone couldn't pay for the Euro leg of said tour and so the band had to withdraw. This resulted in very little attention to their debut which just happens to be a death metal masterpiece.

“Expound and Exhort” is an album full of great death metal very much in the vein of Obituary. Another band that sometimes comes to mind at times is Morpheus Descends. Vocalist Brian DeNeffe does a great John Tardy impression but occasionally he uses a vicious screamy style of singing. Mostly the music varies between mid-tempo and slow’n’doomy but there are also some sudden blast beats. This little factor sets Viogression apart from Obituary because Obituary never used blast beats. The production is good and surprisingly heavy, which is a great thing since some of the more underground death metal albums have quite a weak production. At times the band use weird effects and ambient parts in the songs. “Maggot Synod” has a weird part in the middle, which is a mixture of guitar effects, screams and moans of agony. “Puritan Flames” is a short acoustic instrumental during which a witch is burned. At the beginning of “Fragmented Carcass” someone is having something amputated while being fully conscious, ouch! “As you Die” is the band’s own adaptation of Chopin’s “Marche Funebre” with a nicely demented feel to it. “Limb from Limb” is probably the most Obituary-like track here, sounding like it could be straight off “Cause of Death” or “The End Complete” (and I do not mean this in a negative sense). “Choir of Loudun” is another psycho ambient interlude, while “Choir of Loudun (The Chanting)” ends the CD with a maniacal gore/satanic chanting.

To sum it all up, “Expound and Exhort” is essential for all fans of early 90s death metal. Despite being heavily Obituary influenced it’s by no means a clone and I absolutely recommend it. They don’t make ‘em like this anymore. - Metal archives ~pestbesmitted


a Pure formality EP ~2014

Passage ~ 1992

Expound & Exhort ~ 1991



Viogression was formed in 1989 with the sole purpose of making scary brutal death metal. Early influences on the band were bathory possessed death autopsy voi vod slayer sepultura etc. In 1990 Viogression’s execution demo was released. In 1991 the band signed a 5 album record deal with Tombstone records & released expound & exhort. A North American tour with Death and Pestilence followed. In 1992 the band recorded their second album Passage. In 2014 Viogression released a 4 song EP entitled  a pure formality. In early 2020 Viogression are recording their third full length album titled 3rd stage of decay. Hammerheart records is releasing a 30 year anniversary edition of expound & exhort which will include remastered early demos.

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