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Violaine is an Alternative Pop band comprised mainly of guitarist Ewen Williams and singer Shawna Hogan. Imagine Evanescence minus the goth and teen angst.


The unlikely tale of a singing former sorority girl from the Bible Belt and a Monk-like reclusive guitarist from the big city.

Shawna Hogan, co-founder, vocalist and lyricist, hails originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma and has been singing since the age of seven. She began by performing in Musical Theatre and later explored such genres as Jazz, Italian Opera and Choir (in which she obtained a vocal music scholarship at Texas Christian University). She sites Ann Wilson (Heart), Chris Cornell (Soundgarden, Audioslave) and Jann Arden as influences. She also loves antiquing at the Great American Flea Market in Tulsa and collecting rare out of print Hasselhoff vinyl.

Ewen Williams, co-founder, principal songwriter and guitarist, is from Los Angeles, California. Influenced by Electronica (Laika, Lamb, Hooverphonic), Rock (Radiohead, Frank Zappa, Silverchair), Singer Songwriters (Jeff Buckley, Ryan Adams, Elliott Smith), Shoegaze (Cocteau Twins, Ride, Lowlife) and R&B (Erykah Badu, New Edition, Prince) has helped him create his own unique sound which presents itself within VIOLAINE. Ewen happens to be vice-president of the Pasadena local chapter of the Falco Fan Club and hopes to one day scale Mt. Wilson, which is his Everest.

After a chance meeting in 2001 they discovered they shared a mutual desire to create an original sound and began writing together. They chose the name Violaine as a homage to The Cocteau Twins, whose song Violaine represented the cool, ethereal and bittersweet sound and feel they wanted their music to have.

Combining Shawna’s deft skill of writing lyrics acquired through a lifetime of bad relationships and Ewen’s keen artistic musicality obtained through years of having no social life, they’ve created their own unique sound.


How I Feel Around You

Written By: Ewen Williams, Shawna Hogan

I've never been moved by someone
I've never felt alive
Didn’t know how love could feel
Until you came in my life

This time I’ve changed, I know for sure
This time is for real
I can't explain, I'm lost for words
I can only say how it feels…

It's how my heart beats when you're near me
It's how it feels to me
It's how my cheeks blush when I get a rush
And I forget how to breathe
I come alive every time I’m beside you
It's how…I feel around you

Now I can't keep from smiling
You make me feel so free
There couldn’t be a better feeling
Than what you do to me

Some say that I’m just being blind
But it's clear to me
When I follow my heart, not my mind
And I’ll show you what I mean…

I am changed…I am changed…

Keep Her in Mind

Written By: Ewen Williams, Shawna Hogan

Who came to your side when you'd broken in two?
When you were away who was waiting for you?
Who pulled out the knife hiding deep in your heart
When she changed her mind and tore you apart?

Why can't I take what she threw away?
You keep her in mind

I am the one who wants you for you
My heart catches fire when you walk in the room
I can't fight the wanting that hides in your eyes
You see her face when you turn out the light


I'll make her go away...

Now I Feel You Gone

Written By: S. Hogan, E. Williams

I've been up, I've been down
I've been twisted all around
And I've been so alone for so long
I've been numb to everything

Now I feel you gone
Now I feel you gone

Used to be bittersweet
I couldn’t stand the taste
I'd have tossed you aside if I found
Someone to take your place

All the things that turned me off
Turned out to make me miss
What I threw away, now I pay
With my unhappiness


I've been up, I've been down
I've been twisted all around
And I'm miles from a life that was almost mine
I'd love to live it now

I guess I'm left to make my bed
And sleep in it alone
'Cause I fooled myself to thinking I
Could make it on my own



Violaine's EP "Tinderbox" is available on iTunes, Tunecore and MySpace.

Set List

Violaine sets are approximately 45 - 60 minutes each, and current songs include

How I Feel Around You
Coming Down Again
My Everything
Keep Her in Mind
Now I Feel You Gone
Never Already
Maybe You'd Stay
I'll Be What You Need
Brighter Days
It Wasn't Me
Meanwhile "Crow's Feet"
How Do You Want Me?