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Less than two years together, Violent Divine has done more to create a buzz in the world of music than most bands create their whole careers. In 2005 the members joined forces to create what is known as Violent Divine, put together a demo, and in 2006 they signed a record deal and have been climbing the ladder of success ever since.

Their debut album Violent Divine brings back the times when music was about heavy bass lines and solid riffs on the guitar, add to that the catchy lyric selections, you have the perfect rock and roll album. The album is fun and full of energy; another savior of rock and roll. Take one listen and you will know that rock and roll is back and going to be louder and more alive than ever before. Violent Divine can easily become the GnR or AC/DC of this generation! - None


Occasionally, I will plug a new band in my music reviews, if they fit in the Hard Rock and Heavy metal genre. When I read that the influences of Violent Divine, were Motley Crue, and Guns 'N Roses. I had to give them a listen.

I listened to 3 tracks, one time each on myspace and I said, ok, where can I get this...NOW! I don't buy much from ITunes, but they actually had this, so I said why not, besides, it beats going to the local record store on December 24th.

This kind of sounds like a fusion between 80's Hard Rock and today's current hard rock scene. This comes across as a fusion of Metal and Punk and a dash of sleaze with big drum beats, great guitars and catchy lyrics. There are a few immediate stand out tracks: Let's Go, Rush You, and Levitate, but there honestly isn't a bad song on this disc. I dare you try to listen to this disc, and try not to head bang! It is a well produced, fun to listen to debut effort by this Swedish based 4 piece.

This is definitely worth your money if you are looking for a new band that kicks ass! - None


Rock'n'roll Never Felt So Good. That's what some American monsters said a long time ago when they wanted to destroy America. Now that other freaks Brought Back the Balls to Rock in Europe with a Hard Rock Hallelujah, real and rude hard rock is rolling all over the world again.

VIOLENT DIVINE comes from Sweden, and if it's not rock'n'roll's motherland, this country already brought some excellent bands such as THE HELLACOPTERS to name an only one. Because that's what VIOLENT DIVINE is about: true hard rock in the vein of THE ALMIGHTY, with quite rough vocals, headbanging rhythm guitars, heavy tunes and a punk attitude.

An excellent and really refreshing album we all shall enjoy. For Those About to Rock, we salute you ! - Seb


From the very minute I heard Violent Divine's 4 song CD-R I knew this band was going to be one the best around. Sweden's Violent Divine is a great melodic hard rock band laced with giant, crunchy guitar riffs, dazzling vocals and a tight backbone. This self titled album holds at least 6 songs that could be huge hits on today's radio and music television channels. The opening song "Let's Go" is a perfect lead off song. The second track "Love Revolution" is a infectious song with a great chorus, but then I could say that about the rest of the songs here.

To make a long story short, this whole album is exciting and lands with every punch. The band's first single "Rush You" is an awesome song that showcases the band's talents and Michael Ahlstrom's cocky rebel vocal style. This is a band and album that will please any rock fan that knows what great music is. Classic and new, it's all here for every generation of rocker.

In March of 2006, when this CD is released by Chavis Records the whole world should take notice of this great masterpiece called VIOLENT DIVINE. Bravo, Bravo!
15+ on a 10 scale. - Rikki Rampage


When your home town has a history of spewing out some of the most exhilarating rock n roll bands in the world, what are future bands expected to do to top it? Well, produce an album as near to perfect as humanly possible of course! And that is what Sweden's gorgeous Violent Divine have done.

When you then find that the guys only got together in 2005, you realise exactly what an accomplishment this is. Their self titled debut album released earlier this year features twelve orgasmic tracks of sex, sex and rock n fuckin roll. There's no denying that sex sells and Violent Divine have it dripping from every instrument. It's not unusual to expect an album to have at least one or two iffy tracks, but hard as it is to believe, this album holds none at all. From beginning to end it's a non stop rollercoaster of soul sin and glitter. Since first hearing this band, I have not taken the CD out of the machine. Vocalist Michael Ahlstrom sings with a low sultry style similar to Tommy from The*Ga*Ga's, perfected more by only the sincerity in the lyrics.

'Lets Go' is a perfect opening song, intense drumming followed by equally as angry guitar, a great invitation to hear more and start the party. 'Love Revolution' hears some Velvet Revolver style riffs, while 'The Morning Show' is sleazier with some fitting designer lyrics and without that tackiness you sometimes get with this style of music. One thing you notice too is that there are no over use of riffs or solos, as often found. 'Enslaved' is not your usual love song and certainly doesn't start that way at all but the honesty of the lyrics grab you and the out of breath style of vocals added to an excellent guitarist paving the way, this is a truly heart wrenching tale of when love hurts. Each song really does have something to tempt you, but if I have to choose one then 'Malfunction' would be it. Throughout the whole album the lyrics are a main part of play, creating the image, telling the stories and drawing the listener further in, this song continues to do that but has an altogether spookier sound to the rest.

You will definitely be hard pressed to find a better album this year and with this in your hand then there's no need to try! - Sharron Grainger


Do you know this feeling were you really regret being too young for having seen bands like Mötley Crue, Skid Row, Van Halen or others in concert in the 80´s? Well at least I often feel like this, when listening to CDs of such bands, that were really big during that time. But in this case, there´s some good news for you. Violent Divine from Sweden are able to give you a little bit of this 80´s feeling back and the even better news are : they´re quite young, they released this CD in 2006 and this means (hopefully) lots of chances seeing them live somewhere, someday. And even if don´t have a chance to see them live, just put this CD into your player and it makes you want to jump up and have a party. If I hadn´t known before, they´re from Sweden, I would´ve said it´s a Glam/Sleaze Rock band somewhere from L.A., in the 80´s or early 90´s. But there would´ve been another thing "disturbing" those thoughts : The sound - which is actually pretty fresh and modern, as well as some elements in the music itself.

The Swedish quartet mentions bands like Mötley Crue, L.A. Guns, Ratt, Poison or Van Halen as big influences.And believe me, if those bands would´ve published this selftitled CD they couldn´t have done it better. It´s straight forward kick-ass Rock ´n Roll with a great portion of 80´s Rock/Metal, topped off with a clear modern sound and on top of that Punk influences that most modern Glamrock bands nowadays seem to have.(must have?!) So let´s have a closer look at some songs to explain what I mean. Just take the first song Let´s go. Yes, it gives you a kick and nearly immediately you´re in the perfect mood for this album and feel like singing along the choruses. The whole album has to present lots of songs with catchy hooklines and heavy guitar riffs and a nice pounding bassplay. When listening to the beginning of the second song Love Revolution I felt like Skid Row were jumping in to say "Hello" (as well as in The Morning Show e.g.). Just great!And they can also play slower ballad-like songs, just listen to Slow. For the "80est" song Malfunction would probably be the best choice for checking out.

When it comes to describing the vocals of Michael Ahlström I couldn´t do it any better like it´s already written in the promo-sheet : " [...] an attitude of Sex Pistols mixed with Velvet Revolver and a little piece of L.A. Guns." Plus some more influences and in the end you can´t exactly say how he sounds like.There´s one thing that disturbes me, as much as I like this voice, in some parts it gets a bit "whiny".

I tried hard for being not to euphoric about this album, but even when looking for a weak track, I couldn´t find one that I´d actually call weak. When asking someone to get me this CD out of my rack, I´ll say "Gimme my little time-machine!" and for something like 45 minutes, I´ll make a little journey back to the 80´s. Thanks guys!

Granted this CD might not be the best choice for a die-hard Death Metal Fan e.g., but even they would´ve to admit, that this CD is great music for parties. All Glam/Sleaze Rock fans out there can check them out without hesitating and will surely not be disappointed. A solid album without any bigger flaws! - Ateacina


Sometimes it can be hard to see a future with the glam rock scene and you continue to get your hopes up about the new Guns N Roses or Motley Crue album rather than explore some of the new talent around. There are reasons for this, the bands are not as good or quite simply become replicas of some hair band dinosaur without providing the listener with anything new and exciting.

Well thankfully Violent Divine are hear to show us all that it is still possible to make your influences clear and still have a very healthy dose of originality thrown in to spark interest and acquire new fans.

Songs like 'Love revolution' are extremely catchy and 'Levitate' grabs your attention with it's catchy opening riff and fat bass lines.

The guitars on 'Enslaved' sound like something John Corabi would have created if he hadn't been kicked out of the Crue after only one album. They are reminiscent of the mighty hooks on songs like 'Welcome to the numb'.

Michael Ahlstrom's vocals never falter however they remind me more of your typical hard rock singer (such as Chad from Nickelback) more so than Vince Neil or Phil Lewis for example.

'Rush You' was the bands first single released from the album and its clear to see why. The thumping drums and bass lines make the song heavy enough for even the fussiest hard rocker, but the clear vocals and once again catchy melody ensure that the song remains radio friendly.

The big hitters are mostly at the start of the album and things trail of slightly after 'Rush you'. However all in all this is a fantastic and solid album that is a definite breath of fresh air onto the glam rock scene. - Kerri


This Swedish quartet couldn't be more American if they tried. Labeling their style as "glam rock" and their influences as Motley Crue, Ratt, Van Halen and Poison these guys are a slice of Apple Pie and a shiny new Chevrolet short of being raised in the States. Rarely can a European band capture the flavor necessary to replicate pure glam rock/metal, but with Violent Divine they have managed to create a rhythmic, exciting and colorful version of their heroes' music.

This is really different from anything being released today and is just pure quality at every level. Now this may not be for everyone but it is nonetheless very well done. The bass steals the show at times and is really well played throughout (unlike Crue), the vocals are steady and the guitar is loud boisterous and clean. Big riffs, bigger hooks and sing along choruses make this one very special. The one word to describe this record is "fun" and from start to finish that never changes.

Surprised doesn't cover the feelings one has when a band steps completely outside the paradigm and actually succeeds, but that's just what has occurred with this record. This could be the perfect party soundtrack for college fraternity parties or just a CD to throw in on the way to work. Either way this is one that you must purchase if you loved rock/metal in the '80s, and still find yourself whistling "Smoking in the Boy's Room" when entering the local Applebee's can. This is a fresh alternative to the crapola being released from all the "nu" metal steers and queers. Pick it up today! - Matthew Hoffman


Violent Divine, another Swedish prodigy of the pop culture of 80's sounds have released their self-titled debut on Chavis Records. The band has catchy choruses in the vain of Fastback with vocal style of David Sylvian and a hard edge like Motley Crue. "Love Revolution" caught my attention with the fluent stream of nail biting lyric that should give Violent Divine some notoriety. Seems to me, most of the best music these days is coming out of Sweden, and Violent Divine is no exception.

I like the direction of the band, and I am sure they will make strides to keep the Swedish market on the top of the music heap. "Slow" really gives the band dimension, and shows the versatility they have, by jumping genre's, bouncing right back to the head banging anthem, "Rush You." I can feel the power and excitement in many of these tunes. They will not keep the band down too long before exploding. The guitar riffs by G are memorable in the same style as Marilyn Manson's John 5, has on those crunchy chords. Check these guys out for some good music. - Brian Rademacher


Violent Divine are a Swedish 4-piece whose members grew up listening to acts such as Ratt, Poison, Mötley Crüe, Van Halen and Aerosmith. With that in mind you' d expect them to sound like a mixture of elements taken from the musical exploits of their heroes but that's only partially true. While they've made sure to incorporate great hooks, memorable choruses and big riffs into their guitar-driven, arena-sized swagger, the overall sound is firmly planted in the here and now.

So what does that exactly mean, I hear you ask? Well, try to imagine Nikki Sixx teaming up with Zakk Wylde to write some songs and have someone who sounds like a cross between Scott Weiland (Velvet Revolver), Chad Kroeger (Nikkelback) and Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam) singing them. Doesn't sound like music to your ears? I would probably share your feeling if I had yet to get my first taste of Violent Divine but take it from me: these guys rock!

Let me make it a little clearer for you: if you share the opinion that the new tracks Mötley Crüe included on their most recent anthology and Velvet Revolver's "Contraband" disc didn't quite live up to your (and my) high expectations and you want to find out what a pack of young, hungry wolfs that dabble in the same balls-out-rock can do, then this is one album you simply can't ignore.

There's not a single weak track to be found here and the musicianship is extremely tight, add to that a powerful production and you have an album that has "highly recommended" written all over it. Still, if I had to pick some personal favourites I'd go for the big pounding and aptly titled opening cut "Let's Go", the fast -paced "Levitate", the hauntingly beautiful "Slow" on which singer Michael Ahlstrom lays down some superb, emotionally charged vocals and the kind of song-if given a proper chance-that could be all over MTV , and "Malfunction" which is without a doubt the most '80's inspired track of this 12 track collection .

Violent Divine sure have some heavy competition but they proudly (not to mention well-armed) stand up to the challenge with a first effort that delivers the whole package. - PS


Album: Violent Divine - Violent Divine (2006)
Singles: Rush You (2006), Let's Go (2006), Levitate (2007)
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Violent Divine formed in late summer of 2005 and already after their second rehearsal, the band started recording the very first demo. Five months later the debut album is released in the USA on Chavis Records and magazines and radio stations around the world are praising Violent Divine. A small american tour is already planned for the end of the summer of 2006 and it's about time to take what Hard Rock Haven call "maddeningly infectious" out on the road.

Playing hard rock music is very relieving for us. Just like a breath of fresh air, says Mike Divine trying to explain the furious pace and instant success of the band.

History begins in the early 80s when the all the popular bands bands where arena-bands and most of them come out of the L.A. In a sleepy little town in Sweden, 4 guys grew up listening to the brand new kind of metal and hardrock that MTV and the independent recordstores offered them. The music starts off in the glam era of the 70s, picking up the best from the party metal of the 80s, but at the same time it's very much rooted in the here and now.

Loud guitars, thundering bass, pounding rhythms and vocal lines with a sleazy punk rock and metal attitude. The manic lyrics takes you on a rollercoaster ride between euforia and insanity. The obvious result is an In-Your-Face album where every track is 100% Violent Divine.

The music, the band members, the songs, everything has felt completely right from the very beginning, says Gus Divine. All members share a long history of playing in numerous bands, trying to make it in the music biz. A bit disillusioned no one even considered sending out demos to recordlabels. The path to success went over the Internet and soon they had an handfull of good reviews, air time on on-line radio stations and recieved e-mails from fans from all over the world. They also recieved a few offers from independent record labels.

I wasn't at all surprised everything went so fast, says Mike Divine. It seems like it's only natural. We have no option but to go full speed.