" Ours is one louder!"


The Great Divide. The division of the minds. The weak from the strong. The rich from the poor. The dead from the living. The VIOLENCE from the SEX. We do not promote violence or sex, we promote VIOLENT SEX. We are doing what everybody else is doing. Just fucking & fighting.
VIOLENT SEX is a progressive rock band from New York City. We play music for women of all ages. Stop thinking for us and think yourself. Stop fighting us and protect yourself. MASS POLLUTION is the movement. It is the name we associate ourselves with and operate under. Our voice is your words. Our vision is your lifestyle.


"You have taken a drug. It will wear off. You will be fine."-LP 2006
" A Year Without Love " - EP 2007
" Charity " - Single 2008

Set List

Our set is about 40min - 1hour. We do all original music with surprises in between.

set list: "The Intro"
"Under Your Skirt"
"Social Control"
"Shootin' Up"
"Inside Out"
"All In"
"Phases of the Moon"
"Night Rider"