Violent Skies

Violent Skies


The bright peaks & dark valleys of alternative rock provide Violent Skies all the room they need to express themselves.


Here we are at the ground level looking up. Still in it’s infancy, Violent Skies have proven the ability to draw a loyal fan base in their homestead, Texas. These students of progressive, alternative & hard rock have taken the music left by their predecessors, ingested it, grown from it, and now offer their own interpretation of what prog rock should be.

Currently Violent Skies is working on the completion of their next EP recorded at The Fire Station. On completion the band will be
back in full swing playing live to support the album.

Always looking to further the capabilities of their sound, the would-be trio of Andrew Hamel, Phil Luna, and Steven Stringer recently added a fourth member to project them into full-blown quartet status! The digital sounds and samples provided by David Russell will not be on the upcoming studio release, but will be released on a live recording produced in their hometown of New Braunfels, TX.

With a bus full of ambition, minds filled with determination, and an incomparable love for music, Violent Skies is setting off to do what they do best: win over crowds with their raw passion and high energy sound.


Progress EP
1. Progress
2. Exit Strategy
3. For Our Sake

Set List

Vision Beyond Sight
Exit Strategy
Shattered City
Best Intentions
In Aeternum
The Will to Power
Two Loves
The Big Sigh
For Our Sake

Limelight (Rush)
Warpigs (Black Sabbath)
Children of The Grave (Black Sabbath)
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Black Sabbath)
Prison Sex (Tool)
Symphony of Destruction (Megadeth)
March of the Pigs (NIN)