four young bloods with a lot of angst and desire to make music. a band that lets the music just thirst off its life. the most truthfully emotional way to get their sound out. strong willed and powerfully driven.


After several lineup changes and name changes. the boys stayed as Violet and been playing
since January 28, 2008. After winning a LastBand Standing contest with DCMUSIC. Violet
had had another lineup change, getting a new bassist and later on a new drummer. Now
Violet stands as Adam Cialini (vocals), Chris Molerienho (guitar) , Dan Lee (bass) and
Justin McCallum (drums). Since then they have played in the local Toronto community.
Associated with music agencies such as We Got The Movement (WGTM), DCMUSIC and
with Landed productions Filkmjam. Violet released their first EP summer 2009 and have be
in the process of writing more songs.


hostages in texas hold'em (2:00), Barney Rubbles letters to Fred ( 3:00), Dealers (3:00), Dinner Pussy (2:57), A modern day gladiator (2:00), take off your dress and lets end this little tea party (3:00).

Violet EP 2009
- UofT radio. mississauga campus.

Set List

6 songs,
We usually cover classics, or deftones.