Violet Archer

Violet Archer


There are three thing you need to know about Violet Archer: You will love Violet Archer. Violet Archer loves you. Violet Archer is ready to electrify the music scene, which, before Violet Archer, was like before electricity.


We started out in a basement in 2005, looking for something to do in our spare time. It quickly developed into a more time consuming project of playing more shows, building a fan base, and finally recording our first CD. We've kept the same members for 3 years, so our shows are really tight, and well rehearsed. We don't really have many influences, we like to keep our music as original as possible. Our story is essentially 4 guys working their asses off to make a name for themselves, something which has paid off, and will continue for a very, very long time.


We've released one album to date entitled Don't Go:

Hang On
Don't Go
Missed Out
Take my Hand

we have streaming audio at

Set List

Our set list changes every time we play, we are always writing new songs. We do play certain songs a lot, fans love them.

Don't Go 4 mins
Missed Out 5 mins
Try to get By 5 mins
Leave what you find 3.5 mins
Go 4 mins
Propostions 5 mins

We also have a couple covers we like to play

Twist and shout 2.5 mins
Are you gonna be my girl 4 mins