violet chepil band

violet chepil band


My music is a hybrid fusion of classical, jazz, folk, indie and pop. The lyrics combine the use of abstract human emotions and feelings as well have an earthy element touch. The ambience is relaxing and motivational to some extent and at times heartbreaking. Let music break your heart and move you.


Born in Winnipeg. Folk is in my blood. As I moved to Niagara Falls at a young age I took a great appretiation for my earthly surroundings. I began playing piano at age 4. I began writing my own songs at Age 12 to motivate myself to get through personal struggles I was encountering at the time. As high school progressed so did my musical influences as well experience. I performed at local art galas, outdoor festivals, school and church. I was accepted on scholarship to York University for music where I study classical, jazz, rag-time, and gospel music. Last year I worked as a full-time lounge musician in a fine dining restaurant playing mostly covers as well classical piano. That is when I decided that I needed to play my own songs to fulfill my own spiritual needs. I believe my music is unique in the sometimes abstract nature of the lyrics as well the hybrid elements of classical and jazz chords and progressions. My vocals are unique as I recently have learned to accept my raspy voice. I believe that music can change. My songs are sometimes stories, and sometimes more simple telling of feelings about common things we all encounter as human beings. Fur Elise one of my favourite tracks is written in response to Beethoven's letter to God. Wrap your mind around this ; if Beethoven the eternal damned, was a girl named Elise, and was angry with God this is what she would say! And those are the lyrics to the song. I have a lot to learn but know that I am an adaptable musician with a very diverse background of many musical genres.


Devil's Work of Art

Written By: Violet Chepil

She's beatiful like a painting,
just like a work of art. No you don't know the depth to her heart. Her eyes are like diamonds. Her soul is so black. Walking with the devil you can't come right back.

No I don't want your cheap thrills this time, no you don't want to know the depth of her mind. She's a devil's work of Art.

She's Jezzebel's biggest fan. Trickery's her right hand man. You might think that your tough that ain't enough. Just when she's got you right where she want's you. No you don't want no devil's love.

No you don't want her cheap thrills this time. No you don't want to know the depth to her mind. She's a devil's work of art.

Her dance is in three four time. The devil always keeps her time.
She is seductive but she is destructive. No you don't want no devil's love.


I played at the Winnipeg Folk Festival Young Performers Stage and have had airtime on CBC radio for three of my original songs. As well my Gospel Choir has been featured on CBC many times.

Set List

Invisible, Rain, Devil's Work of Art, Sad Song, Autumn, Feel the Burn, Silent Dreams, Can't Figure it out, Walk Alone ( All original tunes)
Covers may include- Coldplay Kingdom Come
Nelly Furtado- Try

The Set runs probably just over an hour. However I have about three hours of known material.