Violet Lyal

Violet Lyal


Packing guitars, drums, and samplers...Violet Lyal stomps out music that roams like a determined and lonesome train over a sentimental and struggling landscape...writing from the hearts of all good friends and knee buckling experiences along the way...


Violet Lyal began in 2005 when a very direct singer/songwriter, Michelle Groves approached guitar-hero/electronics whiz--Les Hartai with 10 character-driven songs about the struggle of confession during difficult circumstances. For over a year the two experimented with various instruments and peculiar sounds, determined to create a sincere disc and back it with a knock-out show!

Since the release in late 2006, and with the addition of master drummer Steve Clark and experienced bassist Luke Ellis, Violet Lyal has performed an impressive indie rock show, establishing themselves as an imminent force on the Canadian music scene. With strangely edgy but controlled vocals, Michelle competently fronts a band who cruise through a dynamic showdown of aggressively bold music and dark instrumental work. Les Hartai is a formidable one-man band show himself! Les will effectively trigger sounds, while playing guitar &/or keyboards often for the precise expression of one song. The sound is a smashing mix of guitar-driven indie pop-rock with a country kick here an there to keep your toes tapping and your partners on the dance floor!

Violet Lyal has played extensively throughout Ontario, and recently completed an east coast tour late September supporting a CD that has charted across Canada, with a feature on CBC3 radio. After a year chock-full of performances, connections, support and encouraging response, Violet Lyal head back into the studio to hammer out a new CD, maintaining that consistent exploration and sincerity they're known for from "The Sky Floats", adding more experience, higher quality and a compelling confidence.

The new album is almost complete, and will be available mid-November. The Violet Lyal show is dynamic and compelling...


The Sky Floats, 2006
Trailer in Water, 2009

Set List

Misery II, Barscene, Trailer in Water, Lyal and Violet, That Horse, A Part Of, Black Black Black, Shakes Me Up, The Battle of Madelaine, Bike