New York City, New York, USA

French Native Jazz Pop Singer-Songwriter delivers an intimate, sensual yet upbeat and highly entertaining set of original songs.


At the early age of 25, French native singer-songwriter Violette shares her passion for the Afro-American music and culture. Her warm and inviting voice, tinged with the diverse influences of Pop, Jazz & Rock immerses you in the heart of a genuine emotional experience.
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Le Sunside, Paris
Le Baiser Sale´, Paris
La Sce`ne Bastille, Paris
The Iridium Jazz Club, New York
Rockwood Music Hall, New York
Drom, New York
The Living Room, New York
The Beer Garden, New York
Scullers, Boston
Les Zygomates, Boston
The Beehive, Boston
Berklee Performance Center
Cafe 939, Boston
House of Jazz, Montreal
Upstairs Jazz, Montreal

Innervoice (2009)

Marblehead Jazz Festivals Crest Jazz Vocal
Jazz a` Vannes
Violons croise´s
Jazz a` Sete
Boston Jazz Festival Make Music Cambridge

Song of the Year
Billboard World Song Contest
Les Vignes d’Or

Vague a l’ame featured on cosmetic brand Bebe Poshe promotional video


Miss Your Company

Written By: Violette

Here we are, worlds apart
Distance lies, between our lives.
I try to hide this ache of mine,
Play it strong, silent song

I only see you in my dreams,
We meet in memories
I miss your company, miss your company
I hold on to the night,
Love you in my mind,
I miss your company, miss your company

Looking back, our precious past
Tearful smile, to my eyes
So fortunate for all you left,
Sweet heritage of love and faith.

Rocking With Angels

Written By: Violette & Rich Mendelson

Say you don’t want me - that’s alright
Say I don’t light your fire anymore - that’s alright
Please don’t tell me how to live my life

Say you don’t believe me - that’s alright
Tell me I’m a liar to my face and that’s alright
Roller coaster love spins upside down
I’ll be standing as you hit the ground

‘Cause I’ve been rockin’ with angels
I see them dancing my way
Yeah I’ve been rockin’ with angels
They tell me everything’s ok
I’m rocking with, rockin’ with angels

If you wanna change me - I don’t mind
But take a good look at yourself -  and change your mind
Please don’t tell me if I’m wrong or right
If you wanna preach me - that’s alright
But I dont wanna hear your sermons anymore
Cause its my life
Please don’t put me down to lift you higher
Can’t you see I’ve got my wings on fire?


Love and fear are two sides of the same coin
Heads or tails spin it to win its your choice
Foolish boy don’t you know
Gotta lose your ego to find I love you so


Written By: Violette & Rich Mendelson

Here comes the sun, Good morning Hun'
Roll out of Bed, I've gotta run
Get dressed, wash my face
I'm a superwoman you know

So many things, I gotta prove
No time to waste, I gotta move
Grab my coat, step out the door
I'm a superwoman you know

And when the night falls, I lay down my arms
And when the moon calls, surrender to your charms

Free as a bird, I lead my way
Spread my cape and ?y away
Read my vest, capital “S”
‘Cause I'm a superwoman you know

And when I see danger ahead
I keep my cool, I'm not afraid
Read my lips, I'm stronger than this
I'm a superwoman you know


Just when I thought that kryptonite had brought me down
Just when I thought that I hit the ground no no no
I bounce back on my feet - it's alright

A day in a life, I do it again
One thing I know, I’ve gotta win
This ?ght, I ain't gonna lose
I'm a superwoman you know

No uniform when I get home
You keep me safe, You keep me warm
No mask no disguise,
Just your superwoman you know


Simple Is Beautiful (2011)
Joie de Vivre (2010)
Innervoice (2009)

Radio airplay in France (FIP), Japan, Switzerland (Swiss Pop Radio), US (WHRB..)

Set List

From 30min to 3 hours...
Band size can be adapted from Duo to 7 piece depending on venue/performance.