Violet Vicious and The Vagabonds

Violet Vicious and The Vagabonds


Original songs crafted from life's experiences! VVV is an eclectic mix of Jam Band/Alternative/Blues style that will entertain and lift you up!


Violet Vicious and The Vagabonds began as a “basement band” in July, 2007. The original members were Carly Gielarowski (Vocals, Guitar), Phil Freeman( Bass), and Leo Back( Guitar). Our original name was “Under Siege”. Within a month we were joined by Juni (from the band Scale) on drums. Carly had previously been writing songs on a classical guitar and had played a variety of open mic’s, coffee houses and other venues. ( Most notably, Heartland Café, Synergy West, and the Aquage Trade Show at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC.)

We began the process of rearranging Carly’s songs to go “electric”. We scheduled to go to Fabsound Studios in early November to cut a 4 song demo of all original music. Just a week before this was to happen, Juni left for Japan to take care of family matters and to live. After a week on intense looking for a replacement drummer we found AJ who played all percussion on our demo & did a hell of a job to boot! What followed was 3 months of countless personnel changes on bass & drums. Phil left the band for personal reasons and AJ was playing for 4-5 bands and couldn’t fully commit.

In mid February 2008 we met Pablo Marotta, who joined us on drums. Pablo is an outstanding individual who brings excitement & dedication to the band. A bass player also joined us and we booked our debut gig for the Elbo Room 4/2/08. Just a week before that show, our bass player announced he was quitting. Ah, the life of music right?

In preparation for our first gig, we had done a couple of “tune-ups” at open mic’s. Horseshoe Lounge in Schiller Park and the Hollywood Lounge on the Northside. At the Hollywood we had met Eric Walker. Eric is one baaad ass bassman who played in a power trio jamming out to Cream, Hendrix, and smokin’ blues. Eric agreed to join us just days before our gig and voila! Our line-up was finally set and our gig was smoking!
In June 2008, Eric left VVV to join Chainsaw Dupont's band playing traditional blues. Phil Freeman, original VVV bassist ,returned to the band to replace him.

Carly’s( aka Violet Vicious) songwriting is drawn from her unique view of personal experiences; her struggles, relationships, political views, and her passions. Add Leo’s arrangements, toss in Pablo’s beat, and cook in Eric’s bad bass bottom and voila; you have VVV’s own unique sound!

VVV is together to make music without getting caught up in the image, hype, and “here today, gone tomorrow” fads of most of mainstream music today. We play original music drawn from life’s experiences with a choice cover or two thrown in. Our sound is distinct and we will continue to grow and develop it so that you-our awesome fans- can relax, have some fun, & groove to great tunes!

Keep checking back with us as we have new songs in the cooker, new dates, very soon a VVV fan mailing list, and just lots of great stuff coming your way!

Peace and Love VVV

For booking or info e-mail: vvvagabonds or call Leo (773) 339-5535

You can also contact us through our MySpace page at:


Talkin' To Myself

Written By: Carly Gielarowski

I’m desperate I know it eventhough I won’t show it
I’m scared half to stone that I’m gonna blow it
Jesus Christ why don’t you give me some advice

The wind is tryin to take me in yeah, tryin’ to break me skin oh, tryin’ to take me in

I guess I’m talkin’ to myself
I was just lookin’ for a little help

Can you fix a narcissist?
What about a masochist on dope?
Cuz I don’t wanna live like this oh no


Keep smokin’ cigarettes and I know I should quit
I’m bored as stiff but I’m gonna live instead
Never thought the wind would take me in, but it did once


The thing with people is they never really give a shit
The sun and the moon yeah, we’re all just hypocrites
I’m down on my luck because I keep on steppin’ on it



Written By: Carly Gielarowski

Philosopher Phil’s talkin’ to Mamma T
He said, I didn’t drop it mamma, gravity stole it from me
I think I know what he means, sometimes you gotta laugh to be free
I think I found what heaven is-- an island in the northwoods

George E. went out fishin’ again, just like he did when he was young
oh this life, it’ll make you undone
but he’s got his angels in this son

I think I know what he means, oh sometimes you gotta open your eyes to see

Mamma T. and her three sons have been comin’ up for years
She always tries to keep the peace, but life just isn’t fair

I think I know what she means, tryin’ to teach us kids what love is

It’s three in the mornin’ and we’re stoned, tired
Melissa’s talkin’ bout when she was a child
We’re speakin’ in tongues to the wind and the fire

I think I know what she means, yeah my God is in the trees

I think I found what heaven is, an island in the northwoods
yeah, I think I found what heaven is an island in the northwoods...

It's Alright

Written By: Carly Gielarowski

I think it’s alright to fall down and cry
I built these walls up, I built them so high
I can’t even find my own way inside
oh no, I can’t even find my own way inside

Here I am again just tryin’ to make it right
Oh, I can’t seem to find the light
I know I’ll make mistakes but you give and then you take
I’m talkin’ bout givin to yourself
oh yeah, I’m talkin’ bout givin’ to yourself

Oh what a mess I’ve become
She said it right I always run
I’m scared to death, I’m scared of love
oh yeah, I’m scared to death, I’m scared of love...


Demo 2007 Fabsound Studios

Set List

45-1 hour set