Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Vio/Mire is a solo project from Providence's Brendan Glasson using vocals, synths, guitars, cassette tapes & pump organ to create shiveringly gorgeous North American alt-folk & Scandinavian-esque glacial instrumentals. Another talent to emerge from RI, Vio/Mire is a hypnotic haze of delicate beauty.


Vio/Mire hails from the ever-furtile Providence, Rhode Island scene joining recent successes Les Savy Fav, The Low Anthem, and touring friends Deer Tick. Vio/Miré has two acclaimed albums – ‘March 2007’ and ‘January 2009’ – the latter of which was recorded and produced by Alex Somers of Jonsi & Alex and Parachutes in Reykjavik and the former written and recorded and recorded in Bolivia. Both combine glorious ambient instrumentals with perfectly crafted vocal tracks. The solo project from Brendan Glasson - Vio/Miré - brings music special enough to emerge from the American underground and emulate his touring and recording friends Deer Tick, Parachutes, and Alex Somers.

Brendan Glasson has been compared to alt-folk heavyweights Conor Oberst, Elliott Smith, Sufjan Stevens and Bon Iver for his acoustic-baroque-folk vocal tracks and the likes of Sigur Ros for the string and key-led ambient instrumentals that grace each album.

In summer 2011 Vio/Mire took in a two month tour of the United States which included recording a Daytrotter session. The 2011 split EP with Looking Glass (Jim Wallis - of My Sad Captains) saw Vio/Mire's tracks shift towards folktronica that digest Death Cab for Cutie and The Postal Service. Never regurgitating Glasson takes us on a lo-fi path-finding mission through classic, almost medieval vocals and guitar to current keys and electronic bass to form an accomplished, spellbinding new folk route. Vio/Mire's track Everywhere You Had Been was also included in the recent Red Cross compilation featuring artists including Olafur Arnalds, Rukkurro and Efterklang.

Having toured the US, UK and Europe on a number of occasions Vio/Mire is booking tours around the release of the third studio album, currently being recorded, as well as re-issuing the first two records; all of which is scheduled for 2012.


'March 2007' (Album 2007, Leisure Class Records. Re-issue 2012, Tip Top Recordings)

'March 2009' (Album 2009, Leisure Class Records. Re-issue 2012, Tip Top Recordings)

'Looking Glass & Vio/Mire' (Split EP 2011, Tip Top Recordings)

'TBC' (Album 2012, Tip Top Recordings)