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TreySun Da Kid

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TreySun Da Kid aka Mr. VIP and the VIP stands for Very Important Presence. TreySun feels him and his hometown's unique style and sound has a very important in todays hip hop world. Listen to his songs and you will soon feel where he is coming from in more ways the one.


TreySun Da Kid is a 21yr old versatile rapper from the state of Maryland. A place full of life and culture being right outside the USA's capitol (Washington Dc) but yet no rap artist from this area has been signed to a major deal (FYI,that makes this area a large untapped market). But Sun has his eyes sought on changing all that, by introducing the industry to a whole new style, sound, and swagger. Most are convinced after hearing his genius word play and bouncy rhythm he displays over almost any type of beat you throw him. His versatility reminds of Ludacris and his swagger and lyrical skills remind you of Jay Z. Just like his location on the map, Treysun Da Kid has taken some the best traits from the north and south and fused them together to birth his own brilliant sound and presence.
In the winter of 2005 through the spring of 2006 Treysun Da Kid was the Friday Night Mic Champ for 18 weeks straight on 95.5WPGC(one of the biggest stations in the DC, MD and VA area). He currently holds the record for the longest streak which was previous held by Motown recording artist Lil Izzy.
Treysun is on a mission to make his dream come true, a dream held by a whole tri-state area waiting to represented and presented to the hip hop world. Listen to his music and you will see he has exactly what it takes to do his state proud.


"Beat Yo Feet"(being aired on 95.5WPGC Home Jams) , "Good Good", "G Face" (All being aired on Bowie State radio.

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