Viper Squadron

Viper Squadron

 London, England, GBR

Queen meets Supergrass - intelligent songwriting that rocks. The songs are lively and catchy, and we are always energetic and entertaining on stage. Hard rock meets soft roll.


Viper Squadron are different. The age range of the band, from our twenties to our forties, means we encompass such a wide variety of styles and influences that one would think that it couldn't possibly work, but it does. We come on stage ready to rock and we deliver. We recognise that rock music is about entertainment primarily, but we don't lose sight of the importance of musicality. All the band members are highly accomplished on their instruments. Brothers Julian and Stephen Butler have played in bands and written songs together for most of their adult lives. Julian's 'other' job is writing music for shows including a touring production of the BBC's 'Charlie & Lola.' John McCraw's bass playing is full of energy; he never leaves any part of any stage untrodden. Same goes for the two Matts - Jones on guitar also loves to travel when it comes to performing. The Hutch on drums can play anything from jazz to, well, Viper Squadron.

The band's influences could not be wider - from Supergrass to Queen, from Field Music to Phil Collins. The music also contains one or two classical elements and early rock 'n' roll.


The Graveyard Stomp
Viper Squadron Are the Best Band in the World
Cops & Robbers

Set List

Viper Squadron Are the Best Band in the World / Computers Are Taking Over the World / The Graveyard Stomp / Attack of the Vapours / The Kids Are Getting Out of Control / The World's Gone Mad / We Can't Be Friends / Debra

Fooled Around & Fell in Love
The band have played private parties where countless covers were played - rock 'n' roll to ballads - The Beatles to Coldplay.