Vipers Royal Garden

Vipers Royal Garden


The Vipers are jazz artists from Vermont who play old time rock and roll.


The Vipers Royal Garden began when Harlan Rollins and Andrew Jalbert met working freelance jazz gigs in the seacoast New Hampshire and southern Vermont areas during the summer of 2004. Expressing similar interests in genres of music, they began gigging together first as a duo. Booking more gigs in the area, they began integrating additional pieces into the ensemble which has included as many as eight musicians. The core creative force of the band, however, has always been Harlan and Andrew. The most recent addition to the group is now moving the sound of the band in a new direction as rhythm guitar player, Jovi Federici, comes from the Brasillian guitar tradition.

The Vipers are still most heavily influenced by the hot jazz sound of the 1920's and 1930's made popular largely by Louis Armstrong and in Europe by Gypsy guitar player, Djengo Rhienhardt. The Vipers are a young band, with its members in their twenties, they are also influenced by a myriad of musical styles. This brings a youthful and inclusive energy to their sound.

The Vipers are a music act dedicated to the study of their instruments and the music that they play as well as to bringing their music to a large and continually growing audience. The music they play, while naturally appealing to an older audience is equally exciting to audiences of any demographic. The Vipers have done shows with bands playing in styles of music from bluegrass, country, reggae, ska, surf rock, New Orleans jazz, Gypsy jazz, and jazz/funk fusion. They have opened for internationally touring jazz acts such as Karl Denson and John Jorgenson.

Barley Pub, Dover, NH

Stone Church, Newmarket, NH

The Press Roomm, Portsmouth, NH

Blue Mermaid, Portsmouth, NH

Piccola Italia, Manchester,NH

Zietgiest Gallery, Cambridge, MA

New England Country Club, Stratham, NH

Exeter Bandstand, Exeter, NH

The Weathervane Music Hall, Brattleboro, VT

McNiell's Brewery, Brattleboro, VT

The Big Gig Music Festival, Westminster West, VT

Unitarian Universalist Church, West Brattleboro, VT

Grog and Tankard, Washington, DC

The Mecklinberg Inn, Sheppardstown, WV

The Town Pump, Blackwater, NC

Emerald Lounge, Ashville, NC

Sluggos, Pensacola, FL

End of the Line Cafe, Pensacola FL

Belmont Arts and Cultural Center, Pensacola, FL


Oh Baby Cakes

Written By: Vipers Royal Garden

Baby Cakes
Oh Baby Cakes
Those Swingin Hips
A Baby Makes
The Way You Swing Your Stuff
I Just Can’t Enough
It’s So Nice To Meet Ya
Your So Sweet
I’d Love To Eat Ya

Baby Cakes
Oh Baby Cakes
Your Kiss Is Proof God
He Don’t make mistakes
You Do Your Thing So Well
I’m Underneath Your Spell
Why Don’t You Ring My Bell
Baby Cakes


World Soul Studio Album
The Jelly Neck Studios Album
Santa Rosa Sound

Set List

South Carolina Blues
Honeysuckle Rose
Just Friends
I'se Muggin
Royal Garden Blues
What Is This Thing Called Love
Oh Baby Cakes
I Just Want To Know (How Bad It Is To Lose You)
Scrapple From The Apple
Solitude (Sambadude)
I Can't Give You Anything But Love
Sweet Sue
You Don't Know What Love Is
In A Sentimental Mood
Blue Drag
Groovin High