Los Angeles, California, USA

My Music is so different I keep people wanting more they like my soulful voice. So I just give the people what they want


By age tweleve, Virchelle was writing meaningful lyrics, some of which were submitted into national contests, published. "We knew this would be her niche, her future," Virchelle's Stepfarther,William Simmons stated on behalf of the family. At twelve, Virchelle joined High desert Idol being the first one picked out of 100 girls,won third place that wouldn't be the end to Virchelle's career she pave the path for her present career in music and comprise the next six years of her life. After countless performances, and several Competitions. Virchelle would not stop to smell the roses.

As time went on,Virchelle's ambition and sense of priority led her toher manager Stephanie Ubeda in 2009. Now 20 Years old and a high school graduate, Virchelle has set her goals as a pop/rock recording artist at the top, and is excited and ready for the climb. Currently, Virchelle is in the process of writing and recording her album. She and her manager are continuing to put together a team who will carry out her vision of a hit record. "The way I see it, the album will be fun and full of energy. The songs will be a reflection of me and my new beginning. It will be meaningful where other people can relate but very edgy at the same time. I don't just want a good album with a few good songs. I'm a performer, and I want my show to be something people can't wait to go see, and can't stop talking about it Your journey is what you make it and I believe That, I Will go Far."

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I have two singles on JANGO AIRPLAY which are "I'm Alright" and "I Want You".......In the studio come September working on two singles called "Teardrop" and "How U Like Me" which is about my life when I was younger and what I went through