A whisper between so many noises


There are songs that could never be forget. It appears like they are since "always" and when become live they become "forever". We believe in making things for a life time.



Written By: Virginia Constantinescu

Intro: Words
And after
Only words
Won't came out
Is so hard to say
That words
Are standing in your way

Str. I: I bet you never count them
Or feel them
Or just realize that
One only bad word
Could stand in your way
Or could make you laugh

M: One secret word you said
Could save your life
Or could make you different
One time if you will try
To share somebody's tears
One moment, if you

R: Please
It must be sometime
When you said a lie
And now is coming back to you
Your words didn't try
To show me enough love
Maybe if you speak to me

Str. II: There must be someone
Who made you regret
Things you're laughing about and maybe
Words can say nothing
Unless you don't
Want to let them out

M, R, strI/1

Set List

1. Heartbreak, 2,58 min
2. Lost, 3,17 min
3. Water, 3,23 min
4. Message, 3,28 min
5. Missing, 3,00 min
6. Words, 4,01 min