Virginia Wagner

Virginia Wagner


People actually stop and listen when Virginia Wagner takes the stage. Captivated by the clarity of her vocals and stylish finger picking, they embrace the genius of her lyrics. The Virginia Wagner experience illustrates the difference between a folk singer and a gifted singer/songwriter.


Virginia Wagner had already established her roots firmly in the Greenwich Village folk-pop scene when she released her first CD, "BROKEN HEARTED ANGEL," on Anvil Records.
The CD was immediately embraced by folk radio programmers and DJs across the country, and tracks were aired on over 400 radio stations. It has been the featured CD on "Acoustic Woods," and on many other syndicated shows.

Virginia has gained popularity while sharing the stage with Jeff Buckley, Chris Whitley, and Canadian rock legend Greg Godovitz (Goddo).

Virginia Wagner has played at many colleges and universities in the U.S. including Princeton, Rutgers, Drew, Fairleigh Dickinson, Boston College, and Centenary College and remains popular with college students.

Gene Shay, an on-air personality at WHYY and WXPN in Philadelphia and the co-founder of the Philadelphia Folk Festival, is an enthusiastic and vocal supporter of Virginia Wagner since first broadcasting her music.

Influenced by songwriters such as Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon, and Bruce Hornsby, Virginia Wagner writes what she calls "verbal/musical landscapes," and although her songs explore the darker side of human emotion, her on-stage personality is remarkably sunny and her in-between song conversation frequently evokes laughter from the audience.

Virginia often plays an Alvarez Masterworks acoustic electric guitar. She also plays an Ovation shallow back Elite acoustic/electric guitar. Virginia plays “finger style” and has her own unique sound. Some people are surprised to see her appear as a solo act, expecting a bass player to accompany her. They are amazed to learn that Virginia is incorporating the bass line into her fingerstyle picking! She has been known to stroll out on stage with her G&L electric hollow body. Sometimes she appears with a bass player known as "G-man." Fans describe her voice as “crystal clear” or simply "beautiful" and “mesmerizing!” Her lyrics are deep and thought provoking. Comments from other artists are often the same,“I wish I could write like that!”

Being featured as top artist while touring up and down east coast venues, she appeared in Manhattan, Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. She also performed at the Hard Rock Cafe and followed it with an equally majestic performance at Lee's Palace while touring in Toronto.

Her latest CD, "DARKNESS VISIBLE," WAS RELEASED on the Anvil Records label. The CD is available at CD BABY, and also at AMAZON. Her music can be downloaded at itunes, (worldwide distribution!) and 17 other digital websites.

Many DJs in the acoustic/folk world have fulfilled their promises for air play and Virginia continues to fill the air waves across the US and Europe.

Her song, "The Same," was published (June 2007) on the Oasis Acoustic Compilation CD, Vol. VII #8 and appears on track #10. This CD was mailed to over 600 radio stations in the US and new playlists continue to appear at the artist management office of Gregory Galfo!

Her timeless music lives... This is one indie artist to keep your eyes and ears on!

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The Same

Written By: Virginia Wagner

The matches got wet
In that last rain.
You held up your cigarette
Then you went insane.
I couldn't help you,
Couldn't touch your pain,
You were so different,
I was still the same.

I thought I saw you
On the street in Rome,
You looked so fragile,
You looked so all alone.
I nearly touched the shadow
Of your face as evening fell.
Were you real or just a ghost?
I couldn't even tell.

We walked by the river,
You held my hand.
The things that you told me
I couldn't understand.
And I couldn't help you,
I will own no blame.
You were so different,
I was still the same.

Wintertime in Paris,
Early in the morning.
You were crossing Georges V
You never even saw me.
In that moment when I decided
I would call to you out loud,
You mingled with the mist
And disappeared into the crowd.

Years have gone by
Since last we met.
I remember it all,
How could I forget?
Sometimes in the distance
You whisper out my name...
I am so different,
You are still the same.

© 2007 V.Wagner


Broken Hearted Angel - Virginia Wagner - Anvil Records

Darkness Visible - Virginia Wagner - Anvil Records

Song "The Same" - Oasis Acoustic Compilation CD Vol.VII #8 - Track #10

Set List

Set #1

Hammer & The Anvil (4:06)

Till Your Heart Heals Again (3:27)

Ghosts (3:39)

Broken Hearted Angel (4:08)

Early December (3:56)


Shooting Star (3:37)

Canal Street (4:17)

With You All Along (3:40)

Downtown Paris, TX (4:01)

Lay Me Down in Hope (3:49)



(Sets do not include dialogue time with audience)

Set #2

The Same (3:57)

Corridor of Time (3:24)

Living in Eden (3:42)

Stand Back (3:46)

Left Handed Moon (3:56)


The Price That Love Would Pay (3:51)

Sicilian Sun (3:10)

Time Can Stand Still (3:32)

*** End of Regular Show ***

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*(Sets Modified Per Venue Protocol)
(Sets do not include dialog time with audience)