Virgin Killer

Virgin Killer


House meets hardcore. Like Beck with a probation officer!


Virgin Killer is the brainchild of Marco Vazzano and Armand Van Helden. Virgin Killer is featured on Armand Van Helden's Album Nympho (including title Track) and Rolling Stone Magazine's "Key Album Song - Got Over You".

Underground New York Producer Samuel H Collin (Future Wax Records/Acetylene Hayes/Tricky/Spacekitti/Tour De France) was recruited in 2006. Sam and Marco are currently working on the VK EP Wretched and playing shows in New York and Los Angeles.

Virgin Killer is working on a full length album to be released in 2008. The two Virgin Killer EPs are currently available for purchase on the Virgin Killer myspace profile.


Armand Van Helden - Nympho
Virgin Killer - Malevolence EP (produced by Armand Van Helden)
Virgin Killer - Wretched EP (produced by Samuel H Collin)

Set List

Our set list consists of hybrid DJ live songs. Our set's are premixed and run half an hour in length with us playing live on top of backing tracks.