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Sunny pop punk, English ballads and an ex Bandana at front. Da Cunha and company got free from the express fame and are now going to conquer the world.

Nicolas Arevalo
Special for Si Suplement

Virginia Da Cunha is blond, thin, and has blue eyes. She was one of the 5 teenagers that in 2001 sang in Bandana, that vocal group that came out of Popstars reality show. So you imagine her leading a punk band? Get the prejudice out because she, and her brother Fernando formed Virgin Pancakes, a group of melodic pop-punk with alla Californiana with which she just edited “Enlighten yourself”, their first record.

Due to a certain similarity in the looks, the music gender they do and the fact that there`s a woman leading the band, the comparison with Avril Lavigne is unavoidable. Virginia is in charge of making the difference from the Canadian:
“The way I move on satge is absolutely different. Moreover, I write my lyrics based on my own life experiences, what I`ve learnt and that`s very different from what Avril says.” To sum up: while Avril Lavigne complains about bad relationships or how complicated life is, the singer of VPK sings about how to face obstacles, about freedom and about the excess of TV. In that sense Fernando risks: “Tv fills you with information and influences you a lot if you don’t have your feet on the ground. Something more real and legitimate must be awaken. We don’t have to stay locked in our houses, we gotta go out and have fun.”
Coincidence or not, her lyrics seems to be the reflex of her actions, because when they have a problem that don’t stay still but search for a solution. For example, when the big record companies gave them the back to edit their CD, they took complete responsablity of their project. They are independents, owners of their own art. Virginia remembers: “There was a time in which companies were very close to me, but I chose to follow my path with my brother and do what we really wanted. Besides, when everything comes out of your own investment, it feels it worth more. Especially for me that I just come from the complete opposite experience.”
That`s why, in “Enlighten yourself”, they followed their own will and allowed themselves to be free in the composition and selection of songs. They included two english ballads even when the whole record is in Spanish. As regards that, the singer is sincere: “ I wanted to have the pleasure of having at least one song in English. I could have recorded the whole album in that language because it`s naturally inside me.”
With the aim of conquering the international market, the band has all the lyrics translated to English. The idea came up when they returned from a tour in Switzerland, where they played in a wakeboard exhibition, event that was co produced by the manager and future husband of Virginia, the world recognised wakeboarder Federico Bruland.
¿Do you still have any prejudice or the pop-punk blew your bandana off your head? Just in case, Fernando says: “ The Argentinians prejudge, it’s a characteristic of our personality. May be in some other time I would have thought: “ How come the Bandana now wants this?”, but it`s wrong. And we are on our way to put it right, by giving them the opportunity of listening to us a consider it all over again.”
- Clarin Newspaper

Everything you wanted to know about a reality show but you didn’t dare to ask, must be known by Virginia Da Cunha that won Popstars (an argentinian reality show) and formed a band with the other winners called Bandana, filled stadiums (Velez Sarfield in Buenos Aires) and started a carreer with her project Virgin Pancakes, of pure punk rock.

Formed mainly by Virginia and her brother Fernando Da Cunha, Virgin pancakes has a special sound, strong with pop colours and a sweet voice in front.

Their melodic punk sound has some similarities to avril lavigne, Blink 182 and the locals Smitten. Their debut album “Enlighten yourself” was edited in 2008 and has as single the hit Summer that had a high rotation in Mtv.

Ambassador Event

On June 4, at the Embassy compounds in the neighborhood of Palermo, the Embassy bid farewell to Ambassador Wayne and his wife Pamela with a party to the tune of rock, as he concluded his tenure as Ambassador to Argentina.

Pop punk bands “Infierno 18” and “Virgin Pancakes” performed at the joyful reception making the staff and even the Ambassador dance to the music.
While enjoying music, refreshments and pies, Foreign Service Nationals and Embassy officers gathered to wish the Ambassador and his wife Pamela all the best and good luck in their next destination in Afghanistan.

“I take with me from Argentina the best memories of its people’s warmth, talent and creativity; the beauty of its landscapes and the satisfaction of having committed my best efforts to strengthen ties between our countries,” said Ambassador Wayne.

About the bands


Infierno 18 is a Pop Punk band created in 1999. They have such hits as “Lo que tengo” and “A tu lado”. With the support of Leon Gieco, their fame grew and they have toured other countries. Infierno 18 shares the limelight with A.N.I.M.A.L., Massacre, Charlie 3, Cuentos Borgeanos, Espías Secretos, Por Teléfono, Nativo, Horcas, Tren Loco, Vorax, Arbol, Historia del Crimen, Timmy O'Tool, Asesinos Cereales, Minoria Activa, Buffer, SlamUp! and Cadena Perpetua. In 2008, the band was given the “Latin America Promising Artist” award by MTV.


Virgin Pancakes is the new independent band established in early 2007 when Virginia Da Cunha, ex-member of Bandana, joined with her brother Fernando – guitarist, producer and composer – for her first solo appearance in punk pop, a style that has influenced them as it became popular through bands like Greenday, Blink 182 and New Found Glory. The other members of the band are Lucas Cerda (bass), Martin Lungarzo (guitar) and Luciano Guglielmo (drums).Virgin Pancakes has a style of its own, with rich and clinging melodies that preserve the force and feel of punk emotion, with strong, calm and sweet rhythm variations.

- Us embassy in Argentina

Ambassador Event

February 11, 2009

Virginia Da Cunha and her band, Virgin Pancakes, met with Ambassador Wayne on February 11 to present their new album in pendrive/USB format to him. The band was accompanied by Mr. Jose Piccardo, president of VANS Argentina. VANS is the official sponsor of the U.S. Warped Tour and they have selected Virgin Pancakes as the Argentine representative in the tour and Virginia Da Cunha as the face of their latest publicity campaign.

The Ambassador and the band members talked about the U.S. bands that inspired them to form Virgin Pancakes, such as Blink 182, Ataris, Green Day, Offspring and other representatives of the Californian alternative rock scene. Virginia Da Cunha also told the Ambassador that each band member practices an extreme sport, which made them a perfect match for VANS’ sponsorship.

“Music is one of the best ways to communicate between different cultures,” said the Ambassador, who invited the band to participate in the outreach events that the Embassy organizes with U.S. bands visiting Argentina.

- Us Embassy in Argentina


One single and one LP



I´m Virginia, I got into the world of music when I was chosen out of 4000 to be part of a very famous band called Bandana with which we sold millions of copies, travelled all over the world, played in fornt of hundred thousands of people, we even shooted a movie... it was a reality show that turned into a music and social revolution. When we splitted many record companies came to, they wanted me to be the argentinian Britney, and keep all the audience I won with Bandana. But I had another dream, I wasnt looking for money or sudden success, I learnt that the only way to be really succesfull is doing what I loved and building it with my own truth and effort. So I said no to every proposal and got together with my brother looking for my own music. We have the same music taste so it was quite simple to define our style made out of bands like Blink, Greenday, No Doubt, New Founf Glory, No Effects, Boys Like Girls, No Use for a Name. Slowly things started to develope and months later the band was formed. Since then I invested all my money and energies in it and started all over again, playing in the under of rock, trying to conquer the respect of all the people who saw me as a comercial empty artist. We released a CD independently and a couple of videos and made aliances with companies like Vans which decided to support us. That is how we got to be part of the Us Vans Warped Tour and experienced the best thing in our life as a band. Right now we are still playing in the under but also being invited to well known festivals; we are working on our second album and on our biggest goal: taking our music everywhere in this world.